Two cowboy buddies do a jig that draws a big crowd

Two handsome men in tight jeans and cowboy hats lead a line dance in front of a large crowd. The two cowboys were David Vilellas and his friend Julien.

David did the choreography himself, and when the music started, he had a mic in his hand so everyone could hear him count them in. Everyone began to dance in unison.

Line dancing is great for those who are getting into it for the first time. The steps are repeated frequently, and everyone is doing the same thing, so it should be relatively easy to follow.

It is important to keep count on the rhythm of the music, and with David and Julian leading the dance, all eyes were on them. The crowd was a sea of white cowboy hats.

There were dancers of all ages. From adults, teenagers, and young kids, everyone was participating. David and Julien were really light on their feet and moved with perfect synchronicity.

They stepped, swung, and twirled while the crowd followed them. When they had to stomp, the entire venue could hear their sturdy boots. It was a fun and exciting dance routine.

David and Julien never missed a beat, and everyone was even more energetic by the end of the dance. Once it was all over, David playfully pushed Julian as the crowd applauded them.

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Two cowboy buddies do a jig that draws a big crowd
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