25 things ’80s kids could do that kids today can’t

Times change and the habits of people worldwide also change with time. Things prevalent a few decades ago have become obsolete, taboo, weird, or old-fashioned. For example, there were several things that kids could do during the 80s, but unfortunately, today’s kids cannot. For an 80s kid, it was a beautiful time, but for today’s kid, it would be a kind of a foreign universe.

Kids during the 80s could easily ride in the very back of a vehicle, where there were practically no seats during those times. However, it would seem inappropriate to a modern-age kid. Kids during the 80s could also share a seat belt in a single car seat, which would seem impossible to today’s kids.

Getting tangled up in a phone cord was common during the 80s. Unfortunately, today’s kids do not even know what a phone cord is in real life. Eavesdropping on someone’s phone call was common during those times, which modern-day kids cannot imagine due to internet use. Kids could also play as they liked in the front yard without a strict adult’s supervision.

Enjoying candy cigarettes was a norm amongst kids during the 80s. It was fun to act like adults and enjoy candy simultaneously. Such candy cigarettes are hard to find today. Kids during the 80s could also play on risky playground equipment and be least bothered by a broken arm or a leg. Finally, 3 decades ago, kids could find a suitable book at the library by using their brains. Unfortunately, kids today use the computer to look everything up.

In the 80s, kids were lucky to find a computer in the house. Thus, they didn’t know what it was and discovered computers slowly compared to modern-day kids. During the good old days, kids loved to pull the ends off dot matrix paper. Kids during the 80s knew how to use chalk and loved it. Today, it has become a rare thing. 80s kids also found it simple to make ashtrays in art class for their parents and grandparents. This is something that today’s kids would find challenging to do.

Other things that an 80s kid could do and today’s kids can’t include sipping their parents’ alcohol, collecting garbage pails, and playing dodgeball at school. Kids also wore slap bracelets as a fashion accessory during those times. Modern-day kids would find these strange and impossible to do.

There were several other things that an 80s kid could do, and today’s kid would find it impossible to do. Rapid technological improvement was one of the primary factors in this change.

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25 things ’80s kids could do that kids today can’t
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