He gave his heart to Lisa when he was 14 years old. And he stayed faithful to her all his life!

Patrick Swayze is one of Hollywood’s most famous actors, who became famous for his role in the romantic film Dirty Dancing. He was a desirable man for millions of women.

Hardly anyone who has not thought of this handsome man as a prince from ancient fairy tales. Good-looking, able to sing, dance, a Hollywood star, he had everything any woman desires. It is a pity that we have to talk about this great actor in the past tense.

His hobbies defined him as a real man: rodeo, horseback riding, car racing, skydiving. But at the same time Patrick was a gentle, romantic soul.

When he was 14 years old, he met his future wife at a dance school. At that time, actress Lisa Niemi was a student of Patrick’s mother, a talented choreographer. Lisa was different from her peers. She never tried to get Swayze’s attention. One day Patrick was slapped in the face by Lisa for an «accidental» hug.

Her impregnability beckoned Patrick. And soon he lost his head over her, she won his heart for life.

Their relationship began as an ordinary friendship. Patrick and Lisa talked for hours on end. They couldn’t get enough of each other. Their relationship was sincere and genuine. Patrick had an overwhelming desire to develop his talents, which is why he left Lisa. He went to New York to realize himself in ballet dancing.

Lisa couldn’t live without him and moved in with him. The couple soon legitimized their relationship. They were happy together and wanted to enlarge their family and have children. But, unfortunately, after two miscarriages the couple did not hope for anything else.

Later, because of all the experiences, Patrick became addicted to alcohol, сoсaine and cigarettes. Rehabilitation helped him get rid of some of his habits. But he continued to smoke even after he was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 57.

Even in spite of such a serious illness Patrick continued to play an FBI agent in the filming of the TV series «The Beast». Between takes on the set, he had chemotherapy, trying his best to improve his physical form with proteins. But the disease progressed very quickly.

He was such a strong man that he refused pain medication.

Swayze always repeated, «With this terrible disease, we have nothing but the tools of the caveman. You fight a monster with poison, but how much of that poison can your body take, and you still keep working.»

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He gave his heart to Lisa when he was 14 years old. And he stayed faithful to her all his life!
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