Wood carver creates awe-inspiring sculptures on wooden gates…

What started as simple planks of wood later became a visual masterpiece thanks to the efforts of one of the most talented and amazing woodworkers working today. He managed to create a wooden gate that will simply amaze the onlookers.

The stone carver has his own YouTube channel called Vlad Carving, where he creates unique and unique pieces of art using mostly chainsaws and huge chunks of raw wood.

This time, he decided to put all his skills and abilities to the test by creating wooden gates that include a rich tapestry of natural scenes, as well as two owls standing on either side of the gate.

He began to build the gate with plain and simple wooden slabs, which were the most common materials he could use. Then he drew, cut and carved a realistic and obvious bear using a large piece of wood. After completing that work, he placed the wooden bear on the gates, creating a three-dimensional effect that, in its appearance, set the fence apart from what you might normally find and see on a person’s property.

However, he did not finish his work with all this. He placed two more logs as pillars on either side of the gate, then began to carve life-like owls with his chain that stood as sentinels to control the entrance. Eventually, he carved himself and was able to shape the wood planks into evergreen trees as a complete footprint for the theater. He was simply a visual treat for any visitor who came to walk around the farm and see that wonder.

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Wood carver creates awe-inspiring sculptures on wooden gates…
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