Simon Rolls His Eyes At Girl Who Loves Céline Dion, Until She Proves She Sounds Like The Singer

Simon Cowell has justifiably earned his reputation for being a tough, opinionated judge on top talent shows, and he also has a knack for identifying truly talented individuals. Simon’s first opinion of nine-year-old Celine Tam may have been lackluster, but this talented little girl got the audience to their feet in seconds and caught Simon’s eye in the process.

Celine Tam is respectively named after her favorite musical artist, Celine Dion. Celine Dion is one of the most considerable musical powerhouses of our time, and many adults who try to sing her songs on shows like America’s Got Talent pale in comparison.

However, young Celine Tam proved herself worthy of singing the excellent Celine Dion’s songs almost as soon as she started her performance on stage.
She chose to sing “My Heart Will Go On,” which was one of the first Dion songs that her parents ever heard her sing. Her parents admitted that they were big Celine Dion fans and that their daughter was actually named after her.

Once she started singing this Celine Dion song on stage, the audience quickly recognized the girl’s talent and rose to their feet. After the performance, it was clear that her skills wowed the judges as well.

Altogether, Celine Tam sang a truly challenging song spotlessly. Her cute but yet powerful voice was perfectly affective yet polished and precise.
This family continues to share a mutual passion and love of Celine Dion songs. It is not surprising to learn that the couple named little’ Celine’s baby sister Dionne. It is too soon to tell if young Dionne will be as vocally talented as her big sister.

Did Celine’s performance blow you away? What do you think about her family’s obsession with Celine Dion? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to show this video to your friends and loved ones – Celine’s voice needs to be heard!

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Simon Rolls His Eyes At Girl Who Loves Céline Dion, Until She Proves She Sounds Like The Singer
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