Bride surprises everyone at her wedding by saying vows for her husband’s ex and son

During the vow ceremony, the bride shifted her attention from the groom to two unusual guests: the groom’s ex-girlfriend and their son. Her words brought everyone to tears.

Katie Musser was no ordinary bride when she got married in 2017. During the ceremony, the woman turned her attention away from herself and her groom to welcome her new stepson to the stage.

That’s not all, the bride also dedicated a few phrases to her husband’s former partner, Casey Bender. This emotional moment was captured on camera and highlighted the woman’s emotional speech.

In her speech, the woman addressed Bender and 4-year-old Landon. She asked the little boy for friendship and promised to be a better ‘bonus mum’. She shared, “We are family, always.”

The groom’s reaction was unequivocal. Seeing his wife-to-be welcoming his son and ex-girlfriend into their new family, he burst into tears. Not only did she express her happiness at having a blended family, but she also publicly demonstrated her unconditional love for them.

Bender was pleasantly surprised by the bride’s gesture. She said that receiving an invitation to the wedding was more than enough. However, she was taken aback by the very unusual encounter. Bender added:

“The fact that she took even three minutes out of her life, on a day when everything is all about her and the groom, was an unusual and selfless act. She didn’t need to do that.”

The two women were not always friends, they had a long story. Bender began dating her now-husband in college. Although he was no longer dating Bender, he had just become the father of her child.

Bender was upset that he had left her at the time and there were many rumours surrounding their life. However, the bride eventually got in touch with Bender and tried to rectify the situation.

At first they talked about how they could better handle situations for Landon’s sake. Soon, however, they began to communicate in a more friendly manner. Bender explained:

“We bonded on many other levels besides Landon.

The two women turned out to be more alike than they expected and they are now great friends. Bender has also remarried and both couples are joint parents to Landon. Living a few hours away from each other, the Pennsylvania residents are sorting out their family situations.

Musser said that when she started working on her vows, she realised something was missing. She needed to thank Bender and Landon.

Once she had written her promises to them, her vow was complete. Judging by her fiancé’s emotional reaction, it was the perfect finishing touch to their special day.

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Bride surprises everyone at her wedding by saying vows for her husband’s ex and son
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