Clint Eastwood Has ‘Settled Down’ at 92 & Is ‘Best Grandfather’ of 5 — Some Grandkids Follow in His Footsteps

Clint Eastwood is a father to eight beautiful children from a few different women. Maggie Johnson is the mother of Eastwood’s children, Allison and Kyle. The couple was married from 1953 to 1984.

Eastwood then had Scott and Kathryn with Jacelyn Reeves, to who he was never married. Roxanne Tunis and Eastwood then had Kimber together. Frances Fischer is the mother of Eastwood’s daughter, Francesca.

Clint Eastwood with his wife Dina Ruiz, Clint’s children and his former wife Frances Fisher arrive at the “Blood Work” Premiere, August 6, 2002 | Source: Getty Images

The film star’s second marriage was to Diana Ruiz, which also did not last. They were married from 1996 until 2014, and their marriage produced only one child, Morgan, before separating.

The star also had a daughter when he was very young, who he never knew about until he was older. This daughter, Laurie Murray, was given up for adoption by her mother, whose name has not been revealed publicly.

Laurie only came into Eastwood’s life 30 years after her birth when she searched for her birth parents and then reached out to Eastwood. He instantly became a doting father to Laurie, and the father and daughter have been close ever since.


Clint Eastwood, daughter Kathryn Eastwood, daughter Francesca Fisher-Eastwood, Frances Fisher and wife Dina Eastwood arrive at the 62nd Annual Golden Globe Awards | Source: Getty Images

After the many relationships and births of his children, Eastwood has finally settled down for good. He has been in a relationship with Christina Sandera, who is 33 years his junior, since 2015.

The couple met at the Mission Ranch Hotel in California. Sandera was working as a hostess at the time. Eastwood and Sandera made their relationship public just one year after Eastwood’s divorce from Ruiz when Sandera walked down the red carpet with the actor at the Oscars.

Eastwood’s daughter, Alison, said that now that Eastwood has settled down, the family spends much more time together, and Eastwood has become a doting grandfather. She mentioned that they have dinners together and often joke with one another.

Alison also said that while she and her husband had a special bond with her sister’s son, Titan, Eastwood also had a special bond with the child. She then said that Eastwood and Titan looked very much alike.

When Eastwood is not doting on his children and grandchildren, he enjoys a quiet life with Sandera on his ranch in California. The home was falling apart, but Eastwood had it restored so that he and Sandera could live there.

The couple has since moved in full-time and enjoy spending all their free time relaxing in their home. They also enjoy spending time with Eastwood’s family, including all his children and grandchildren.

While Allison mentioned that her father was the best father to her and her siblings and a great grandfather, another of Eastwood’s daughters, Francesca, also said that the film star was an excellent grandfather.

Francesca took to Instagram in the middle of 2021 to post a photo of Eastwood and his grandson, Titan, smiling at his grandfather. The following image in the series was of Titan and Eastwood smiling at the camera.

The photo was paired with the caption, “Best dad. Best grandfather.” followed by a small, black heart. The post was met with many adoring comments, most of which acknowledged how much Titan resembled his grandfather.

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Clint Eastwood Has ‘Settled Down’ at 92 & Is ‘Best Grandfather’ of 5 — Some Grandkids Follow in His Footsteps
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