After a painful divorce, Meg Ryan decided to focus on raising her adopted daughter instead of pursuing an acting career… Look at her family now…

Meg Ryan, a veteran of the Hollywood film industry, was held responsible for the breakup of her marriage for many years. Nevertheless, it turned out that things were not at all what they seemed to be.

The marriage between actress Meg Ryan and actor Dennis Quaid lasted for eleven years. After being married in 1991 and having a tough divorce in 2001, the exes eventually decided to part ways.

The couple had their first separation in  2000, around the time when Ryan was allegedly having an affair with the actor Russell Crowe. A few years later, she talked openly  how her marriage to Quaid fell apart and revealed that it wasn’t all her fault.

Ryan said that the public didn’t know what happened in her failed marriage, and that what happened in her relationship with Quaid was overshadowed by her affair with Crowe.

«That was a great story. The reality of my nine-year marriage, however, was absent from the fiction. Dennis was unfaithful to me for a long time, which hurt a lot. When I got divorced, I learned more about that.»

Before revealing that he was not the cause of her divorce, the Connecticut native noted that Crowe «took a big hit»: «Russell didn’t end the marriage», she said. «In the end, he was there, but it wasn’t his fault.»

After her divorce, Ryan said she was «a mess,» and then ended up hurting Crowe. She couldn’t have another long-term relationship after that: «I couldn’t be in another long-term relationship; it wasn’t the time for that.»

The actress once told Oprah Winfrey on «The Oprah Winfrey Show» that she and Quaid were both unhappy in their marriage and that it was «unhealthy.»

Ryan said that doesn’t mean she was also a «victim» of the scandal, and she added that her divorce was both «painful» and «liberating.» She said that she «did not leave» her marriage for Crowe, but that she did leave because «it was not working.»

The «You’ve Got Mail» actress and Quaid have a child together. In April 1992, Jack, the couple’s one and only child, was born. Later Ryan chose to adopt a child from China.

Years after the divorce, in 2006, Ryan decided to adopt a 2-year-old Chinese girl named Daisy. In an interview with Redbook magazine in April 2007, the mother of two talked about the adoption process in the foreign country.

Ryan revealed that there is a lottery component to the procedure, and that her daughter was given to her based on a random selection. But she doesn’t think there was anything like that when she talks about how she met Daisy:

«I am completely sure that it wasn’t a coincidence. She is the kind of daughter I wish I had.»

Ryan explained that she was «not on a mission» to get a child but only «wanted a baby». She really wanted to «connect» with someone, and that’s how she met Daisy. «We get along so well,» she said.

The «Rich and Famous» star said that she doesn’t feel any different about how she welcomed her son and how she got her daughter because her love for them is the same.

In point of fact, Ryan is of the opinion that children are different individuals in their own right. As a result, the way in which she brought Jack into the world is more similar to playing the lottery due to the fact that he is different both from her and his father, just like Daisy. «It’s both a lottery thing whether your own children are born to you or if you adopt a child from the other side of the world,» she said.

When Ryan made an appearance on «The Ellen DeGeneres Show» in September 2008, she said that the events leading up to her adoption of Daisy made it «inevitable» that she would eventually become Daisy’s mother.

Ryan had planned to go to India at the time, and while she was on her way there, she got a picture of her future daughter with the message «Here she is!» At that moment, she felt too many feelings at once and thought it was destiny.

The award-winning actress was supposed to leave India on the 16th, but she could only meet Daisy on the 18th. Ryan only had to fly «six hours» to get there to see her daughter, so she thought it was a sign.

Ryan stopped acting when she had her second child. Instead, she focused on raising her children. She talked about how hard it was to raise a toddler at the time and how easy it was to raise Daisy: «Daisy doesn’t feel hard. It’s not a big deal. She’s fun and easy to hang out with.»

Ryan said that her daughter was «smart» and «very generous.» She also said that she liked how funny her daughter was. The happy mother said that she couldn’t imagine life without Daisy and that life is «good» with her in it. Ryan’s son and daughter «get along well,» and the three of them are like one big happy family.

Ryan became a single mom, but she said it wasn’t too hard to raise her kids on her own. Still, she told him that he has a relationship with his father and that they are «close,» which is something he would always have.

Ryan said that since she was the only parent in the house, she was «the one in charge and making the rules.» She added, «There’s no stress because you and another adult don’t agree on how you want to raise your kids.»

Ryan’s kid grew up to be an actor. Jack also said that his mother knows him better than anyone else because he is a «mama’s boy.» He said that his parents are more than «supportive» and that when they saw that he «loved» acting, they didn’t stop him.

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After a painful divorce, Meg Ryan decided to focus on raising her adopted daughter instead of pursuing an acting career… Look at her family now…
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