They were named the most beautiful twins in the world at seven. This is how their life turned out!

Today I’d like to talk about the twin sisters whose appearance captivated a multi-million audience on the internet and looking at these photos the reason for it is obvious.

On july 7 2010 jackie and kevin clements gave birth to twin daughters ava and leia. The girls were born four and a half weeks early but they were both completely healthy.

As their mother admitted she soon realized that the sisters were simply in a hurry to see this beautiful world so they chose the best date for themselves and a few days later they were recognized as the most beautiful twins in the world. They also became one of the most famous children models and young influencers.

Soon after the girls were born their parents and relatives as well as random strangers started noticing how beautiful they were. Jackie posted pictures of her daughter on her social media page and strangers that randomly stumbled upon it showered the clement’s family with compliments.

Jackie said that many of the netizens insisted that ava and leia needed to try themselves as mottos . At first jackie didn’t like this idea as she didn’t want her daughters to work hard in early childhood. The most important thing for jackie was the happiness of her children.

She believed that her daughters had the right to decide for themselves. Thus jack and kevin started thinking about how to determine the appropriate age for when their children could already decide for themselves what they wanted to do. The girl’s mother had always believed in signs.

She always said that seven was her favorite number and ava and leia were born on 0707 the thought that. The daughters would turn seven on july 7 2017 made jackie think again about their future. By that time ava and leia had already matured and had acquired their own interests. In addition to studying at school they were taking dance and swimming lessons.

Ava and leia were delighted with the offer to try themselves at modeling. The girls were very lucky as it turned out that their family’s neighbor was looking for models at the time, since she had just opened her studio. It was a win-win situation, jackie got professional shots of her daughters which she needed for the modeling agency and their neighbor got beautiful little models. For the continuation watch the video.

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They were named the most beautiful twins in the world at seven. This is how their life turned out!
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