Girls stomp out Riverdance at wedding, bride rushes stage for grand finale.

It’s not always possible to see Irish dancing at weddings, is it?Gretchen has something unique, and it was nice to see the Irish dance team perform this dance perfectly..

Dancers from the Huli School of Irish Dancing performed an Irish jig at Gretchen’s wedding reception. At the beginning, the performance was opened by two dancers, while others joined later with a graceful dance.

The dance performance was refreshing as Gretchen chose something different to celebrate this special day.Ten other girls danced with her

The bride joins in near the end at the perfect time and in sync to perform an Irish step dance with an orchestra. The bride joins a young girl who is apparently a member of the wedding party.

She worked very hard on the dance and did not miss a single step in a beautiful performance. It takes skill and a lot of practice to perfect traditional Irish dance.

When the performance is almost over, the bride runs after the groom and takes him to the stage. Together they complete the performance with a whirl, a jump and a kiss for the amusement of their guests

The traditional Irish dance has become a hit The dancers stole the show at the reception. Additionally, the video clip has been shared widely as people watch and enjoy the emotional moment.

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Girls stomp out Riverdance at wedding, bride rushes stage for grand finale.
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