Girl Survives after Her Heart Stopped Beating for 12 Minutes: ‘How Awesome Is Our God’

A parent’s worst nightmare is seeing their children in harm’s way and being unable to do much about it. A similar scenario unfolded for one mother whose little girl’s heart stopped beating for a few minutes. What happened soon afterward wasn’t short of a miracle.

Jamie and Chris Nipper from Cape Girardeau, Missouri considered themselves blessed with their beautiful family. Unbeknownst to them, something unexpected lurked in the shadows that would go on to change their lives and strengthen their faith.

On a sunny day in July 2015, Jamie decided to have a pool party with her daughter, Alise Nipper’s friends from school. Also present were the children’s mothers, and everyone wanted to catch up, beat the heat, and have some fun before the summer holidays were over.

Ending the Pool Party in the Wake of Changing Weather

The Nippers enjoyed swimming for a few hours, but the weather soon turned unusual. Suddenly, the sun made way for the clouds, and all the moms began redirecting their kids to leave the pool and gather at the patio for a good chat and some snacks.

Everyone was baffled when they saw that she could not only speak but also hum her favorite tunes.

Jamie recalled that something nudged her to keep Alise’s life jacket on, but she decided to take it off because everyone was already headed home. A little while later, she turned around and was startled to see that her little girl wasn’t there.

Finding Her Daughter in a Critical Condition

After looking everywhere, a panicked Jamie decided to check the pool, and on her second round, she noticed something that pierced her soul—it was her baby girl’s foot under the raft.

Shortly afterward, Jamie pulled Alise out of the pool and began screaming for help. While a friend called 911, the distraught mother held her girl’s hand and prayed that she would cough up some water and be okay; however, it was clear from her condition that she was lifeless.

Performing CPR & Waiting for a Miracle

Heather Kyle, a certified nurse and Jamie’s friend, immediately began resuscitating the little girl, but sadly, it was all in vain. For a good 12 minutes, the three-year-old was pale and without a heartbeat. Another mom at the party, Natika Rowles, said she began crying profusely, asking God to help Alise. She recounted:

“We wanted life so we spoke life, because that’s what God tells us to do.”

Heather and Jamie refused to give up and continued their resuscitation efforts, praying and hoping for a miracle. To their surprise, they suddenly saw color returning to Alise’s face, after which she began gasping for air, breathing heavily.

The little one was soon taken to the hospital, and although she was alive, her condition was deemed critical. Meanwhile, Alise’s dad, received a call that devastated him, leaving him lost for words. He left everything and hurried to the hospital to check on his baby girl.

Alise was moved to a hospital in St. Louis to provide her with the best care and support. Deeming her injuries traumatic and severe, the doctors told the Nippers they would try their best but couldn’t give them much hope to hold on to.

God at Work
Even the doctors and medical staff were amazed at how quickly Alise recovered from the July 29, 2015, incident. While she continued to attend therapy sessions, she met all her milestones, becoming a true inspiration for anyone who saw her or heard her phenomenal story.

The Power of Miracles

Jamie and Chris felt grateful and blessed whenever they saw their daughter play, run, smile, or be her lively, cheerful self. They hoped their daughter’s heartwarming story would help inspire others and believe in the power of miracles. Jamie expressed:

“I look at her and think….how awesome is our God.”

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Girl Survives after Her Heart Stopped Beating for 12 Minutes: ‘How Awesome Is Our God’
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