A homeless man helps his grandmother carry groceries home, and the next day the store owner is looking for him

We never know what someone who was on the street had to go through. Therefore, you should not judge a person by his appearance, because it can be very deceptive. Until 2005, American Jeffrey lived a happy life with his adored wife Amalia. The family had a small house, a steady income. But the man’s life collapsed at one point when the worst hurricane in recent US history swept through his hometown of New Orleans. “Katrina” not only destroyed Jeffrey’s house, but also took the life of the closest person – Amalia.

The man was left all alone, he was devastated, he just didn’t want to move on. Jeffrey couldn’t stay in the ruined city, where everything reminded him of what he had lost. The man moved to Los Angeles, but could not forget about the incident. Jeffrey became addicted to alcohol, eventually he ended up on the street. The man earned his living by begging near one store. That morning in August 2021, Jeffrey, as usual, went to the entrance to the outlet, expecting that one of the visitors would give him some money.

Suddenly, the man heard a loud noise. He turned around and saw an elderly woman struggling to pull a cart filled with groceries. Jeffrey hurried to the stranger’s aid. The man has experienced a lot in his lifetime, but has not lost his humanity. Jeffrey sincerely wanted to help, not expecting any reward at all. The man approached the elderly lady and offered to transfer the purchases to the car. But then he saw that there was no car. The old lady had to bring the heavy bags home herself. Of course, Jeffrey volunteered to do it.

The elderly woman, whose name was Linda, was very grateful for the help, she hardly understood how she could cope with heavy bags on her own. The old lady always shopped at that store, but usually brought home bags full of food in her car, which broke down that day. Jeffrey’s help was very helpful. Only Linda warned that she would not be able to thank the stranger, as she spent all the money on purchases. Jeffrey reassured the elderly lady by saying that in any case he would have helped her completely free of charge. The homeless man’s words struck Linda, she could not imagine that people living on the street could reason like that.

Jeffrey took heavy purchases to the old lady’s house in a shopping cart, since she lived a few kilometers from the department store. On the way, the man told the elderly lady his story, touching her literally to tears. Linda had also lost her husband, so she understood how hard Jeffrey had had. After parting with the homeless man, the woman opened the bags and found in them something that she definitely did not buy in the store! She examined the find, and then decided to definitely find Jeffrey! The next day, Linda went to the same store to meet the homeless man again. But Jeffrey wasn’t at the entrance.

The elderly woman had to turn to the store manager for help. He did not understand the situation at all, thinking that the homeless man had stolen something from Linda. The manager and the guards began to look through the surveillance cameras, finding Jeffrey on one of them. He was sleeping on a bench behind the store. They immediately went to the homeless man, the guard abruptly woke Jeffrey up by pulling hard on his sleeve. When Linda saw how Jeffrey was being treated, she just couldn’t contain her anger: “Hey, stop it right now! He didn’t do anything wrong!”.

The security guard and the manager were completely at a loss, they simply did not understand why a noble elderly lady needed to look for some homeless person, except to accuse him of theft. But Linda had very different intentions… It turned out that Jeffrey accidentally dropped a locket into one of the packages, which had a photo of his deceased wife Amalia on it. That’s what Linda wanted to bring back. Jeffrey was insanely glad that he had found a pendant so dear to his heart. And the security guard and the manager were just shocked by what was happening.

The store manager was particularly struck by the incident when he found out that Jeffrey helped the woman with the products after spending more than an hour on it and asking for nothing in return. It so happened that this manager turned out to be the son of the store owner. He, enlisting the support of Linda, who told the details of Jeffrey’s story, went to his father to tell him about a sympathetic homeless man who had lost everything except humanity. The shopkeeper listened to Jeffrey’s story with amazement. He adored his wife, so he could not even imagine what pain the poor homeless man had to go through.

The store owner immediately decided to hire Jeffrey to work! He found a great position! Jeffrey had to carry the bags of elderly customers to the car. When the homeless man heard that he now had an income, he simply could not believe his ears! He was truly happy for the first time since he arrived in Los Angeles. Jeffrey started work the next day. He took his duties very responsibly, always addressed the visitors of the store in a nice way. Most of all, he liked to help Linda, who began to visit her favorite store even more often. Good deeds are always returned to the one who committed them, especially if a person does not expect any reward, but simply acts sincerely, from the heart.

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A homeless man helps his grandmother carry groceries home, and the next day the store owner is looking for him
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