People found three tiny pink creatures, look what they would have become when they grew up…

Cats-dogs-horses-cows and even pigs are familiar to everyone. Even the most inveterate “children of asphalt”, that is, citizens. But there is a class of animals that are not domestic, and they are extremely rare in the wild, so it is not always possible to recognize and identify them. And it is difficult to recognize future animals of a certain kind in their cubs, even for specialists, so some of them are similar to others.

Recently in the social network.information appeared on the networks from the user fuzzyfawnwildlife, who drew the attention of subscribers of his channel and just guests to one amazing creature… or rather, not his cubs. With recommendations on how to behave and what to do (or not to do) at all if such cubs are caught in the wild. He himself is an employee of the Wild Animal Relief Fund, and he had to work with adults and with cubs of such wildlife inhabitants as wounded or orphaned deer.

But he also understands the peculiarities of the behavior of other animals. And that’s what he says: – It happens that people find baby animals during walks or trips through the forests, whose parents are not seen nearby for a long time. But this does not mean that the cubs are necessarily orphans. It’s just that the mother may be afraid to come closer. But even if they are alone – do not try to nurse the animals yourself, this requires special knowledge about the physiology of this particular species! However, something unusual happened last spring.

People vacationing in nature found pink, tiny, completely naked, furless animals of unknown species. Their size barely exceeded 4 centimeters in length, and they could neither stand nor sit – they only crawled with closed, blind eyes and barely audible squeaks. People seemed to approach the matter competently: they placed the cubs in an improvised nest with a warm litter, moved away – but the mother, whoever she was, never appeared. And the kids soon almost completely stopped moving and fell silent.

People then began to urgently call the Relief Fund and try to find out what they could do. Alas, in this case, nothing could be done to help the poor things. The fact is that they turned out to be the cubs of a flying squirrel – an inhabitant of the southern and western forests of Finland, leading a nocturnal lifestyle. Without maternal care and warmth warming them, they can live a maximum of 6 hours. And in the warm season, they can only stay without a mother for one day.

The flying squirrel is a small animal, from 13 to 20 cm in length, with huge “night” eyes, with a gray top, from the back, and an almost white fur coat on the belly and weighing from 90 to 200 grams. A fur-covered leather membrane is stretched between all her paws. Which spreads out in a jump, like a glider, and allows the flying man to overcome huge distances in a jump. The animal is small – and it is quite possible that mom became the prey of an owl or some other feathered nocturnal predator.

And without the special knowledge of the people who found her cubs, the babies were doomed. What do experts advise in such cases? – First of all, do not try to feed the animals with anything, at that stage of development, their only food may be mother’s milk. Or special milk mixtures, which are only available in specialized structures like the Background of Assistance to Wild Animals. You need to contact a similar organization. And information about them can always be found on the Internet at the appropriate request.

In this case, people showed sluggishness, got confused, and were too late to do it. Therefore, the author of the publication says, our Foundation tries to spread knowledge about the peculiarities of different types of animals as widely as possible. And about the need, in any case, to contact the local authorities, where there are experts in the field of zoology. Usually these are foresters and employees of specialized funds, as well as their volunteers.

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People found three tiny pink creatures, look what they would have become when they grew up…
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