A man feels awkward when a stranger squeezes his hand, but then he responds sweetly.

Sometimes, a noble gesture, mercy and kindness can greatly facilitate someone’s life, give comfort and support, which each of us sometimes needs so much. But it’s not always clear what exactly is going on. And that’s why sometimes it’s worth being more attentive to others. Most recently, a case occurred in the Canadian city of Ontario that will help you regain faith in people. 21-year-old sociology student Godfrey Kutto boarded a bus to get home from school. It was supposed to be an unremarkable trip, but the guy did not expect at all what would happen to him on public transport. At first everything went as usual, but a few minutes after the departure, a completely unknown man approached Godfrey.

It turned out to be a middle-aged Canadian named Robert, but this information turned out much later. And now the stranger came very close to Godfrey and began to behave very strangely! Robert sat down next to him and grabbed the guy’s hand, squeezing it tightly! Godfrey was simply taken aback by this behavior, he did not understand at all what was happening. But then the student took a closer look at his unusual traveling companion… Godfrey realized that something was wrong with Robert. The guy noticed that the man has very unusual movements, besides, he does not hear anything. Godfrey guessed that Robert was deaf with musculoskeletal problems.

The student realized that he most likely had cerebral palsy. It turns out that the stranger was just looking for help, which he needed so much! At first Godfrey was confused, but quickly pulled himself together. There was a person with special needs nearby who needed support. Let the stranger unceremoniously grabbed his arm, but what could he do? It seems that the trip in transport required extraordinary efforts from Robert, was given to him with great difficulty. He just couldn’t do without support! Godfrey tells the following about this case: “This is the first time I have encountered such a phenomenon. I thought, you know what, I’ll just let it go. I’ll let him do his thing.

I will comfort him.” It’s just unbelievable, but Godfrey just sat next to Robert for the entire 30-minute ride, holding his hand! A man with cerebral palsy leaned on a stranger as if they were best friends. And the guy just let it happen! Fortunately, this amazing moment was captured by the passengers of the bus! The photo was posted on a social network, and, of course, quickly went viral. People were amazed by the kindness of a guy who didn’t push away a person who needed help.

This story doesn’t seem out of the ordinary until we put ourselves in Godfrey’s shoes. Indeed, how many of us would behave as decently as this Canadian? The photo went online, which allowed Robert’s relatives to find the noble student. They thanked Godfrey for his gesture, the helping hand that he extended to their loved one. To these words, the modest student replied that sometimes you need to be selfless and put someone’s needs above your own.

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A man feels awkward when a stranger squeezes his hand, but then he responds sweetly.
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