A shepherd was walking past a swamp and saw something huge in the mud. Only when he got closer did he realize who it was.

We are used to hearing how stray dogs or cats are rescued. But in African countries, people sometimes have to help out creatures that we most likely will never even meet in our lives… This incredible story happened in the north of Kenya. The incident became known thanks to the National Geographic page on the social network. Early in the morning, a Kenyan shepherd, as usual, walked to his flock, looking around the familiar terrain with sleepy eyes. And suddenly the man noticed some strange stirring near the dam near the swamp.

The shepherd could not understand what kind of a lump of dirt was swarming in these dangerous places. He decided to get closer to understand what was going on there. But the shepherd saw something that simply could not be! It turned out that the moving hummock was really alive! When the man came close to the strange place, he realized that it was some kind of animal! And then he took a closer look and recognized the silhouette of the baby elephant! The unfortunate animal was covered with mud from trunk to tail, its head was barely visible from under the swamp slime. It was a very small elephant, who was grabbing for his life with the last of his strength!

The animal was in a terrible state, it plunged headlong into the swamp. It is very difficult to get out of the dangerous swamp mass on your own, especially for an unreasonable kid who plunged himself even deeper into the mud. Most likely, the animal was just walking the usual path to the pasture, but recently there was heavy rain in Kenya, which turned a safe place into a death trap. The elephant began to tighten the quagmire, but he did not attach importance to what was happening, because he simply did not understand the menacing danger. As a result, the animal was almost completely in the swamp.

It looks like the baby elephant has been floundering in the mud for quite a long time, almost losing strength and hope for salvation. But the Kenyan shepherd noticed the animal in time, although he could not immediately believe what he was seeing! The man tried to get the baby on his own, but he didn’t succeed. Due to a lack of understanding of how to act correctly in such a situation, the animal plunged very much into the swamp. The Kenyan went for help, and to ease the baby elephant’s situation, threw him a log, which the unfortunate baby immediately grabbed with his trunk.

This allowed the animal not to get completely bogged down in the swamp. Wildlife defenders, as well as local residents, came to the aid of the poor elephant. People joined forces to save the negligent cub. Do you remember the verses of the Roots of Chukovsky: “Oh, it’s not an easy job to drag a hippo out of the swamp!”? So, pulling the baby elephant out of the swamp was not much easier!

To cope with a difficult task, I had to use a rope tied to the car. It took half a day to rescue the baby elephant, but it still managed to be pulled out of the mud. The animal was completely exhausted. They gave him a drink, fed him and let him go home. Now the elephant will definitely bypass any swamp side!

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A shepherd was walking past a swamp and saw something huge in the mud. Only when he got closer did he realize who it was.
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