When this dog was brought to the rescue center, few people believed that she would survive, but a miracle happened!

The desire to live, fortitude and firmness of character can work real miracles! And if in a difficult moment there are kind and loving people nearby, then you can overcome any difficulties! It is difficult to surprise those who are engaged in animal rescue. They have seen fuzzies in a variety of conditions, many times helped the tails on the verge of life and death. But when a new ward was delivered to the rescue center in the Spanish city of Granada, the organization’s employees were in real shock! The dog was in such a terrible condition that it was impossible to look at it without tears! The animal, which was a 10-month-old puppy, could not even stand!

The dog was a living skeleton, she just didn’t have any muscle mass! The animal has not been fed for a very long time. He was kept indoors without food and water for many days. The dog was terribly exhausted, so much so that the staff of the rescue center doubted that they could help her. The unfortunate puppy was named Barilla — this is a company for the production of popular pasta, in fact, the kind of boiled spaghetti prompted the employees to such a nickname. When the owner of the organization saw the tortured animal, he immediately decided that he would do everything possible to save the puppy.

Eduardo Rodriguez has been working with pets for a long time, but he has never seen dogs in such a terrible state. Barilla weighed only 7 kilograms! Saving such a dog was a challenge for Eduardo, which he resolutely accepted. He simply could not let the unfortunate animal die without knowing what real care and love are. Eduardo, along with other employees of the center, began to nurse the emaciated dog. The animal was constantly put on ivs, but still the probability that its internal organs could suddenly fail was very high. Barilla couldn’t get up, so she ate from a lying position. But the dog was slowly but surely on the mend! In a week, Barilla has gained 4 kilograms!

This is more than half of her weight when entering the rescue center! At the same time, the dog’s condition remained terrible for a very long time. A few days later, she tried to get up, but just couldn’t stay on her paws. Barilla collapsed on the floor, where she lay until she was carried to the couch by the staff of the center. But after 7 weeks of care and treatment, it was simply impossible to recognize the dog! On average, she added about half a kilo every day, as a result, she became 21 kg! Barilla no longer looked like a living skeleton, her ribs did not stick out from under her skin! The dog has become a real beauty!

And her character conquered all veterinarians: she was very kind and intelligent, adored people. Rodriguez devoted a lot of time and attention to Barilla, in many ways it was thanks to his care that the animal was able to recover. Eduardo was really impressed by the stunning success in the recovery of the dog! He says that he has been saving animals since childhood, but the case with Barilla was the most terrible in his memory. The man was impressed by the strength and resilience of the dog, her desire to live. Eduardo decided to keep Barilla for himself, despite the fact that his family already has five dogs! And the Spaniard has never regretted it! Barilla has become Eduardo’s best friend!

A man speaks of his pet as a very smart and cheerful dog. Rodriguez says: “When I compare the current photos of Barilla with the first ones, it seems to me that these are two completely different dogs.” He adds that the fact that the animal survived is a real miracle! According to veterinarians, most dogs simply would not be able to get out of such a state. Barilla had few chances of survival, but now she is the happiest dog in the whole wide world! Even if someone’s situation is very deplorable, you can still come out victorious from any situation! The most important thing is that there are those who are ready to support us in a difficult moment.

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When this dog was brought to the rescue center, few people believed that she would survive, but a miracle happened!
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