He traveled all over the world without ever getting on a plane, while he was behind bars 17 times and changed 4 passports!

If you dream of traveling, but at the same time do not have a large budget for travel, then this story will be a real inspiration for you! This story is about an amazing man, director, TV presenter and traveler from Liverpool, England, Graham David Hughes. On March 1, 2014, the man’s achievement was entered into the Guinness Book of Records. The fact is that Graham has done something that no one in the world has managed before him! The traveler has traveled around the world, while he has never used air transport! The man moved between countries and continents exclusively by water and land. It took the Englishman 4 years to travel!

During his circumnavigation, Graham presented the program “Graham’s World”, which aired every week on the National Geographic Adventure channel. The TV program told about the unique experience of the Englishman, the countries he visited, the incidents that happened to the traveler on the way. It must be said that Graham dreamed of circumnavigating the world from early childhood. Moreover, he wanted to visit all countries of the world without using air travel. It was a very ambitious task, it even seemed to many that it was impossible. Graham was often called crazy right to his eyes, but he proved to everyone that with the right desire, nothing is impossible for a person! Before starting the trip, the 30-year-old man contacted the Guinness Book of World Records to agree on the rules of movement.

So, Graham was forbidden to fly during the journey, use a taxi to travel long distances, as well as drive a car or use a bike. Moreover, the adventurer had to return from around the world to the same place from where he started his journey! During the trip, the man had to face a lot of difficulties, which he overcame with honor thanks to intuition, the ability to find a common language with others, and a brave character. The traveler set off on the first day of 2009, and returned home a completely different person, having visited 201 countries, in November 2012. Graham spent no more than $15 a day, most often hitchhiking to his destination.

The road lasted 1446 long days, filled with adventures, unexpected acquaintances and a lot of emotions. As a result, the Englishman’s circumnavigation, which he dubbed “Odyssey”, brought him world fame! It must be said that Graham’s journey was not devoid of very life-threatening adventures. After all, he visited not only Europe, but also African countries. And it can be deadly for tourists there! So, during the trip, the man was detained as many as 17 times. The man was arrested mainly in Africa, for example, in countries such as Congo, Cape Verde, but the Englishman also visited a Russian prison! It is worth telling about this incident separately. The fact is that the traveler tried to illegally enter the Russian Federation by wading across the Narva River in Estonia.

The border guards arrested him. As a result, the Guinness Book of Records even refused to accept the Englishman’s application for fixing the achievement. Representatives of the organization stated that they did not want to support such illegal actions. Hughes even had to come to Russia legally again in 2013, which eventually allowed him to record his achievement. During the trip, Graham had to change 4 passports! The thing is that the document turned out to be overflowing with stamps with visas. The traveler had more than 250,000 kilometers behind him. Graham hitchhiked and took public transport to North and South America, got to Iceland by ship, then got to Africa through Europe, and then found himself in Asia and Australia.

Interestingly, during the trip, the Englishman never got sick! Moreover, the man always ate local food, even in African countries. During the trip, it was important for an Englishman to immerse himself in the local culture, communicate with others. Graham always wore his mascot – a hat, which became a real calling card of the guy. And the headdress has saved a man from the heat, sun and wind more than once. After the trip, Hughes published a memoir, Man of the World: The first book of the Odyssey expedition, as well as many articles in which the Liverpudlian talked about his impressions. So, the book notes that Graham really liked the hospitality of the Iranians and Colombians.

Hughes was also impressed by Uzbekistan and Madagascar. The Englishman considers the most unpleasant result of the trip to be parting with his beloved girlfriend, with whom the man has been dating for more than 10 years. She supported Graham, helped him with visa processing and other important matters, but their love could not withstand such a long separation. The example of a traveler who traveled the world without a big budget proves that if we want, we are capable of literally anything! Therefore, the words that someone does not have enough money for trips are often just an excuse for laziness or unwillingness to make extra efforts to organize great adventures without serious expenses.

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He traveled all over the world without ever getting on a plane, while he was behind bars 17 times and changed 4 passports!
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