It seemed like a fox would eat a stray cat, but what was really happening was amazing!

Animals will never cease to amaze us! Sometimes they show a vivid example of how it is possible and necessary to treat those who are somehow different from us. Once a few years ago, fishermen who were on the shore of Lake Van, located near the Turkish town of the same name, observed a very unusual picture. So, they noticed that a wild fox was eating the remains of fish. Such a sight is hardly rare, yet these animals are quite common in those parts. But the attention of the fishermen was attracted not so much by the fox itself, as by the fact that a cat was approaching her! As you know, these animals do not get along very well with each other.

Wild foxes generally do not tend to get along with representatives of other species. The breath of the fishermen watching the approach of the fearless cat to the fox just froze! They didn’t know what to expect from this meeting! The fox was about to notice the cat, and no one understood what would happen next! The wild beast could have just devoured the poor little animal! And so the cat came close to the fox, who was just finishing the remains of the fish. But what happened next really shocked everyone who watched the animals! The fox just let the cat join the meal! It was incredible! After all, predators do not share their prey with anyone, especially with representatives of another species!

But the fox and the cat calmly ate fish together as if they were old friends! And then they began to frolic in general, the fox gently bit the snow-white cat, and she gently fought back with her paws. Since the unusual animals caught the eye of fishermen, they have become real local celebrities! People came in droves to those places to see the friendship of a fox and a cat. They enjoy the contemplation of the cute interaction between the animals, and they, in turn, receive pleasant bonuses in the form of delicious fish! Surprisingly, numerous observers of a red fox and a snow-white cat have never seen a single quarrel! Animals get along well with each other.

The cat shows the fox her belly, remaining in a very defenseless position for herself. This is how animals behave only if they are sure of their safety! And the fox is just playing with the white kitty, without causing her any harm at all! It’s very nice to watch this, because it’s immediately noticeable how well the animals, which in theory should not be friends, get along well with each other! People put forward many versions of such an unusual interaction of fuzzies. Someone thinks that the animals met when they were very young. After all, if representatives of different species start playing at an early age, it is likely that they will remain friends for life.

Someone thinks that Turkish cats are so cute that they can conquer anyone, even predatory foxes! In fact, pets accidentally bred on the territory near Lake Van are very gentle and loyal. They get attached to people and other animals very quickly, and they are not afraid of water. Representatives of the Van breed often earn their living by fishing themselves! And they are also excellent hunters of lizards and birds, let alone ordinary mice! The cat and the fox have become very popular, photos with their games are gaining millions of views!

And the locals try to feed their friends, who never fight or swear over food. The Turks warn all tourists about an unusual couple so that they do not offend animals. But you can shoot an unusual couple as much as you want! The main thing is to treat them to something delicious for this, best of all – fresh fish. There are no barriers to friendship, she does not look at gender, species, character traits. The interaction of a predatory fox and a cat is an excellent example of how any living creatures, regardless of their characteristics, can live in peace and harmony!

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It seemed like a fox would eat a stray cat, but what was really happening was amazing!
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