The guy was fired for helping a disabled person, going out to the parking lot he gets an offer that changes his life

We often underestimate the power of kindness and sincerity. But these qualities can help you greatly change your life, and not for the worse… This story took place in the Canadian city of Quebec. A guy named Ethan grew up in an ordinary family, lacked stars from the sky, but was very pleasant to talk to, inquisitive and open person. He worked in a grocery store on a product layout. The guy knew all the regular customers, talked to them nicely. Ethan was loved by everyone who shopped in a small shop. That’s just the boss’s good-natured employee did not cause much delight. Mr. Darrell thought Ethan spent too much time chatting instead of doing his direct duties.

That’s just the boss did not understand that many customers came to a small shop just to chat with a nice employee. Let’s be honest, the choice of products at the outlet was small, but pleasant communication with the charming Ethan always lifted the mood. In short, the strict boss was sharpening his grudge against the good-natured employee, looking for an excuse to properly rein him in. And then one day an unusual customer came to the store. The man was on crutches, it was obvious from the loose leg of his trousers that he had lost a limb. Ethan noticed that it was not easy for the visitor to get food from the upper shelves and push the cart. These tasks seem simple for us, but not for a person without a leg.

And the kind guy hurried to the buyer’s aid. He took out cookies for him from the top shelf, helped push the grocery cart to the checkout. All this time Ethan was very friendly, asking the man about his life. The guy found out that the visitor served in Afghanistan, where he was seriously injured, and his leg had to be amputated. Ethan sympathized with the man, to which he replied that he did not need pity. Although it was obvious that the visitor was very grateful for the help with shopping. He thanked Ethan, who eventually not only collected the goods in a cart, rolled it to the checkout, but also carried heavy packages to the car. All this time, the two men had a great conversation!

Everything would be fine, but the boss saw everything. Mr. Darrell was terribly unhappy with his employee, who spent so much time on some disabled person! The boss furiously approached Ethan and began to reprimand him loudly: “How could you leave your job to help someone unknown? Are you getting paid for this?”. Ethan replied: “No, I don’t get paid to help customers, but I was brought up well. If a man without a leg asks to get the goods from the shelf, I will do it!”. Mr. Darrell was just shocked by the guy’s audacity! “Are you saying I’m ILL-MANNERED?” The boss shouted. His face turned red from anger! Mr. Darrell was ready to tear Ethan apart on the spot! But instead, he could only hiss one word: “OUT!”. Ethan clarified: “Are you firing me for helping a disabled person?”.

“No, it’s just that your failure to do your job is costing me money. So pack your things and get lost!” – having calmed down a little, the boss replied. The guy did not argue, he understood that it was useless. A boss is a boss, even if he is wrong. After all, this is Mr. Darrell’s store, it’s up to him to decide who to hire and fire. Ethan was only a little hurt, because he knew that he had done the right thing. Well, I’ll have to tell my mom that he won’t be able to help her with money yet. With such sad thoughts, the guy collected his few things and left the store. To his surprise, the customer without a leg was still in the parking lot near the outlet. He bought coffee from the vending machine and drank it with pleasure, puffing on a cigarette. The man looked at the guy with surprise, asked what was the matter.

When he found out what had happened, he angrily threw away the cigarette! It turns out that such a good guy was fired because of him! But the man decided not to leave this case just like that. He resolutely went to the store to tell the boss everything he thinks about him. But Ethan stopped him. The guy said it wouldn’t help. The man clarified what Ethan wants to do. And he replied that he liked the restaurant business, because it is extremely important how you treat customers there. The man’s face just brightened up! He exclaimed, “Well, then let’s go work for me while you’re a waiter and who knows, maybe in a year I’ll put you in charge.”

Ethan couldn’t believe what he heard, and asked “are you kidding”?. The man confidently replied, “of course not, I have a small chain of 5 restaurants in different cities and we definitely need people like you, and your salary will definitely be higher than in this shop.” Of course, the guy immediately agreed, he couldn’t believe his luck for him it was much more interesting than putting food on the shelves! A year later, Ethan really became the manager, in a new, already 6 restaurant.

He proved himself to be an excellent leader and after a couple of years the man entrusted Ethan with the management of the entire network, so at a fairly young age Ethan began to earn good money, and his family no longer needed money, and all thanks to the attentiveness and responsiveness of the guy. This story shows how important it is to do the right thing in any situation, to always remain human, to show your best qualities, no matter what!

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The guy was fired for helping a disabled person, going out to the parking lot he gets an offer that changes his life
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