Doctors told the 20-year-old girl that she was just lazy, but a month later she was waiting for a shocking diagnosis.

Often we are quite negligent about our own health, not paying attention to the alarming symptoms that may indicate a serious illness. Do not postpone a visit to the doctor if you think that something is wrong with the body! 20-year-old Englishwoman Courtney Nelton lived an ordinary life, met with friends, dreamed of the future. But strange things began to happen to her. So, the girl started sleeping more. At first, Courtney did not attach any importance to this fact, but she began to worry when she practically stopped being awake. She could sleep for 14 hours, while not feeling well at all. Other symptoms have joined this strange one. Courtney stayed at home more and more often, she was constantly very tired and apathetic. And so the girl decided to go to the doctor so that the specialist would determine what was wrong with her. Doctors conducted examinations, but found nothing unusual.

According to them, the patient was perfectly healthy! But Courtney really felt that something was wrong with her! Meanwhile, the doctors simply accused her of laziness! Doctors advised the girl to spend more time on the street, do sports, stop feeling sorry for herself. But these recommendations did not help, the girl wanted to sleep more and less and live less. She didn’t have the energy even for simple everyday tasks. At the same time, the doctors said they could not help! Courtney understood that you can’t just leave your fortune. By all means, she decided to find out what was going on! After all, the girl slept all the time and felt broken even in the morning!

In an interview with an English newspaper , Courtney said: “Everyone knows their body better than anyone else. It is very important to trust your intuition, follow your instincts. You have to stand up for yourself when you realize something is wrong.” The doctors did not take the girl seriously, conducted only a few basic tests, did not get to the bottom of it. But the Englishwoman understood that she was ill. The girl began to study her body carefully, believing that she could find some changes that would help her understand what was happening. And she discovered something! Courtney found a large elastic lump on her neck. And what is the strangest and most frightening – the education increased in size every day! About a month later, Courtney went to the clinic again, where she was still diagnosed.

And he was just shocking! A very young girl faced a terrible disease that changed her life, jeopardized the future of an Englishwoman. It turned out that Courtney was very ill. Doctors conducted thorough examinations, during which a terrible diagnosis was made: thyroid cancer. Courtney was completely overwhelmed! But she did find out what was happening to her! Thyroid cancer is a fairly rare disease, and most often it occurs in women over the age of thirty. Courtney immediately started treatment! She underwent all the necessary procedures, hoping that they would help to overcome the disease. It is unknown whether Courtney would have had a better chance of survival if doctors had discovered cancer earlier…

The girl had her thyroid gland removed, which significantly increased the chances of a successful outcome of the fight against the disease. But the unexpected happened… The doctors told the girl that the disease had spread to other organs. This was the second most terrible news in the life of a young Englishwoman! It turned out that the girl needed more serious treatment, although she was already sure that she had overcome a terrible disease! And the doctors made a mistake this time too. They told Courtney that she was already healthy!

And after a few days it turned out that the girl needed treatment again! The Englishwoman does not intend to give up, she continues to fight for her life, although she believes less and less in local healthcare. The body always tells us if something is wrong with the body. Listen to yourself, be sure to consult a doctor if you have dangerous or alarming symptoms. And it remains to be hoped that, if necessary, there will be real doctors nearby who will do everything possible to help their patient.

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Doctors told the 20-year-old girl that she was just lazy, but a month later she was waiting for a shocking diagnosis.
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