The boy found poisonous cobras in the forest and brought them home. He shocked his family by calling the snakes his friends!

Someone has cats and dogs at home, someone has fish or guinea pigs. But none of your friends definitely have such pets, which will be discussed in this story! Devesh Adivasi is a seven-year-old boy from the Indian village of Patada in Madhya Pradesh. The boy was a completely ordinary child, played with peers, sometimes played pranks, had no oddities. But everything changed when the boy had an amazing dream. Devesh saw a lot of snakes. At that time, the boy was only 3 years old, but that dream really struck him! Parents were very worried when they found out about this story. But they didn’t even know how it would end… After an amazing dream with a lot of reptiles, which the boy was not afraid of at all, Devesh went to the jungle.

And he didn’t come back empty-handed at all! The villagers, but especially the guy’s parents were just shocked when they saw who the boy brought home! Devesh has returned from the jungle with two king cobras! And the guy was really happy! Snakes felt great in Devesh’s hands, slithered over his body, approached his face. It was really scary to look at it, but the guy himself didn’t feel scared at all! On the contrary, he got real pleasure from contact with dangerous reptiles! They got along great! The parents tried to talk to their son to discourage him from a strange friendship. But the boy didn’t want to listen to them. He began to disappear into the jungle more and more often, often returning with new snakes.

Sometimes they were harmless, but often he brought home dangerous poisonous individuals! Devesh played with them, bathed them, even slept in the same bed. And the boy was absolutely not afraid of reptiles! On the contrary, he called them his friends! Devesh ‘s father tells: “We explained that snakes can’t be friends. It’s dangerous, but he doesn’t listen to us.” It’s amazing that in all these years the guy has never been bitten by a snake, although he spends a lot of time with them! Devesh made friends with 15 reptiles. The scheme is always the same: the boy goes to the forest, finds 2-3 reptiles, takes them home. He plays with snakes, talks to them, and after a few days returns to the jungle. Devesh knows that his friends will not harm him, so he feels completely calm.

It is unknown where the boy got such confidence from, but so far he is completely unharmed! Devesh says that he has a special relationship with three reptiles who often come to him to be together and treat themselves to something delicious. At first, the villagers were horrified when they saw the boy in the company of snakes, but over time they got used to such an unusual friendship. Some even believe that the guy has a special gift, which is a real “divine power”. Although the locals do not let their children play with Devesh when he walks down the street with snakes. And parents can be understood! At the same time, the doctor of the local hospital believes that such a connection with snakes is dangerous for the boy.

He told the guy’s parents that the child should not get attached to reptiles, because they can’t be pets. At the same time, there is a high probability that the snake will still bite a guy or someone who happens to be nearby. I must say that an unusual friendship with snakes is a rarity, but still not a unique phenomenon. There is a Wadi tribe in India whose children learn to play with cobras at a very early age to become snake charmers. No one knows how many babies die from a bite at the same time. These are the unusual forms a person’s friendship with animals can take! We can only hope that nothing will happen to the boy, and his friends will not inflict a mortal wound on him.

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The boy found poisonous cobras in the forest and brought them home. He shocked his family by calling the snakes his friends!
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