The old man helped his mother fix the baby carriage, and the next day a private plane arrives for him

Life sometimes presents amazing surprises. And most often such bright and unexpected events happen when you don’t expect them at all. Joseph didn’t expect any gifts from fate either. But one chance meeting abruptly changed his life, giving him an infinite number of positive emotions. Joseph, a 72-year-old widower and father of two children, has long stopped dreaming about anything. He knew perfectly well what to expect from each new day, which, like two drops of water, was similar to the previous one. Every morning he woke up with the first rays of the sun, got on his bike and drove slowly to the bakery to buy fresh fragrant pastries. Then he would return home, have breakfast, and do his usual chores until it was time for lunch.

And then he spent the rest of the evening tinkering in his small workshop, inventing some new device. In the evening he had dinner and, as soon as the sun disappeared below the horizon, went to bed. But one day his day didn’t go according to plan at all. On the way to the bakery, Joseph noticed a young woman in a gray tracksuit. She sat down next to an old-fashioned baby stroller, in which a child was crying loudly, and tried to fit a wheel that had come off into place. Joseph got off his bike and asked if there was anything he could do to help. The girl looked up at him with her tear-stained eyes and said that she would be happy if he helped her cope with the breakdown. She sobbed, and then burst into tears.

“Well, well, stop crying,” Joe said, awkwardly patting the stranger on the shoulder. – It will take quite a bit of time, and we will fix the breakdown! “. “My God, how stupid it was on my part to take this old stroller. It’s just that they rolled me in it when I was little,” and the girl continued to sob.” “It’s so cool,” Joe said. – I keep all my children’s toys, even though they have grown up for a long time. And my grandchildren don’t mind playing them at all when they come to me.” Finally, the girl smiled and said that all her children’s books and toys are also stored in her parents’ house. It was there in the attic that she found this old stroller. But I could not have imagined that it would be so unreliable and would fall apart right on the move. But she was so overwhelmed by nostalgia.

“Let’s see what the problem is here,” Joseph said. He went to the trunk of his bike and, like a magician, took out a small bag with tools. Kneeling down next to the stroller and examining the wheel. You just need to tighten one of the nuts. He asked the girl to take the child in her arms so as not to scare him during the repair, because the stroller could shake so much. Stepping aside, they watched as in just a couple of minutes the stroller was ready for a further walk. The wheel was in place, and the nut was tightly tightened. All this caused a real delight in the young woman. She began to thank her savior cordially, who met on the way so timely and did not let the whole day go awry. She said she had just come to this town from California to remember her childhood spent here.

“You are very lucky! I’ve never left here. And I’ve never seen the ocean,” Joe said dreamily. “What’s the name of this little princess? “This is Helen, and I’m Jill,” the girl introduced herself. “It’s really beautiful in California, but I really wanted my baby to take her first steps in the same house as me.” Then Jane’s eyes began to fill with tears again. It turned out that her parents died just a year ago, and she misses them very much. “Listen, Jane, would these two charming ladies mind joining me for coffee?” and Joseph took them to his favorite coffee shop, where they chatted about everything for a long time while the baby was playing in her stroller.

When it was time to say goodbye, Jane asked Joe if he was busy tomorrow and if he would mind accompanying them on a short trip. After receiving a positive response, they agreed that she would pick him up early tomorrow morning. Joseph was on the porch when a smart black car pulled up to the house. There was a chauffeur at the wheel, and Jane was sitting inside and smiling. He didn’t know until the last moment what kind of surprise was waiting for him and where they were going. But when they entered the airfield and stopped at a private plane, he literally lost the power of speech and froze in place. “We’re going to the beach! Jane said, reading the question in Joe’s surprised eyes. – You’ll see the ocean! And this is my gratitude to you, because you did not pass by, as many others did.

You didn’t spare your time and helped me and my daughter. Now it’s my turn! I will help your dream come true! “I’m going on a plane! I will see the ocean” – it seemed he still did not believe that this was happening in reality. As the girl later told, her parents owned a business related to private air transportation. And after their death, she got the company. Joseph became very friendly with Jane and was always happy to see her and the baby at his house, becoming a real grandfather for her. That’s how Joseph, who could not imagine that his boring and measured life would ever change so abruptly, realized his dream and went to the ocean. And all because he has not forgotten how to do good and help those in need, without thinking about his own benefits.

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The old man helped his mother fix the baby carriage, and the next day a private plane arrives for him
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