The son of a millionaire follows a poor girl who picks up his leftovers from a restaurant every day.

Adam’s life was easy and unclouded. Immediately after waking up, he logged into social networks, and later, after taking a shower, he went to lunch at one of the restaurants. Adam never got up before 11 o’clock – his laziness and financial opportunities contributed to this. There was no one who could believe that the younger Johnson’s life would ever change or he would understand what it means to be responsible. Adam’s father was not surprised at his son’s lack of any aspirations. He was partly to blame for the situation. After the death of his beloved wife, Mr. Johnson gave his whole soul to the child and spoiled him too much. Thus, he tried to compensate for the loss of his mother, but as a result, the offspring became lazy, became completely irresponsible.

Adam lived in his father’s mansion with a full staff of servants and a personal cook, but preferred to dine out. Every month he spent a lot of money on clothes and shoes, most of the things were gathering dust in the dressing room. He took his easy and unencumbered life for granted. The guy had a habit of having lunch every day in the same restaurant with astronomical prices. Despite the high cost, the establishment was often visited by celebrities, because Adam preferred to be there every day. On this day, everything went according to the usual rut for Johnson – he came to the restaurant at lunchtime and immediately went to his favorite table with a view of the sea. The owner of the establishment personally came out to take his order, but the guy could not choose something specific and asked to bring 5 of the most expensive dishes from the menu.

When the order was completed, Johnson tried a piece from each, leaving the main part untouched. After a while, he wanted to call the waiter and ask for the bill, but a little girl came up to the table and spoke to him. The child asked if Adam was going to finish the leftovers, this allowed the guy to fully consider her. An eight-year-old baby with huge brown eyes attracted the attention of a frankly bored Adam. She asked him to give her something that he hadn’t eaten and said she was very hungry. Adam was surprised, but helped the little girl to collect the remains of her meal in ordinary plastic bags. In response, the child smiled at him and ran away with the legitimate prey. For the first time, Johnson thought not about how to dispel boredom, but about this strange incident. He was struck by her question about whether he was hungry.

In his short life, Adam has never encountered the concept of hunger. He could have a desire to eat, like all people, which he easily got rid of by visiting a restaurant. The guy had to realize that the girl was really starving. For tomorrow, the whole story repeated itself – at the end of lunch, a little girl also appeared at the table and said hello. Adam asked how she was doing and gave permission to pick up a huge portion of lasagna, deliberately ordered in case the baby came. But this time the guy did not stay in the institution, but decided to follow the baby unnoticed. The child quickly ran towards the abandoned site, but Johnson did not lose sight of him and reached the end point – an old rusty trailer. An abandoned mobile home stood on bricks, not wheels.

The little girl slipped inside and a couple of minutes later Adam knocked on the dirty door. After a couple of minutes, the door opened, and the guy saw the fright on her face. She asked the guy to leave, but he assured her that he would not harm her. Adam said he was worried about her and asked if she lived alone in this terrible place. It turned out that all the close relatives of Nicky and Dick, the girl’s younger brother, had died. The children were initially taken to a shelter, but later sent to a foster family, where they were treated terribly. Unable to withstand the constant screaming and physical violence, the children ran away and found shelter in an old rusty trailer. Begging became their only way to survive and not starve to death. Adam’s heart trembled, he could not leave the kids to their fate, so he offered to go with them.

His father that day was shocked to see his carefree son with two dirty and emaciated children. Quickly explaining the situation to Johnson Sr., the guy asked for help. Thinking about it, he remembered an old acquaintance – the director of the service for work with orphans. One phone call allowed the kids to legally stay in the millionaire’s house while the adoption procedure was taking place. Adam’s life changed in one minute when he decided not to leave the problem and did not try to throw off responsibility by calling the guardianship authorities, and his father supported him in this and adopted the children. Since then, the guy has revised his views on life: with the appearance of babies in the house, he changed his habits.

There was no more early rising at lunchtime – Adam has to get up at 6 in the morning to see if the kids ate before school lessons. He himself felt that he should be an example for children and returned to college. The guy had to realize that not everyone was lucky to be born into a millionaire’s family, some are forced to starve and live in nightmarish places. As a result, he tried to become a real big brother for Nicky and Dick. One encounter with reality helped Adam realize how difficult life really is, as long as one bathes in abundance, then surely someone is starving and cannot afford even basic things like a shower or food.

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The son of a millionaire follows a poor girl who picks up his leftovers from a restaurant every day.
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