Amazing square waves at the sight of which it is better to leave the sea!

Our world is amazing and unique, sometimes a person is faced with such beauty that simply takes his breath away. But it so often happens that behind the fascinating natural phenomena there is something really dangerous that you should stay away from! The sea is an attractive and at the same time very unpredictable element. People have had a very ambiguous attitude to water since ancient times. On the one hand, it gives life, but on the other, it can take it away. A sudden storm will not leave even a splinter from a fisherman’s small boat, who had previously thanked heaven for a good catch. Yes, the sea is not only beaches, surfing, shrimps, anchovies and mutton, but also huge waves! At the same time, not only stormy waters are dangerous to humans. For example, did you know about such a phenomenon as square waves?

They look simply fascinating, because neat regular “cells” appear on the water, like on a chessboard. They can be huge or small, but they always look charming! That’s just not worth going into such waves for sure! This may pose a danger to human life. As soon as you notice square waves, immediately get out of the sea and do not even try to enter it until the phenomenon is over. It is better to watch from the shore, take photos, in the truthfulness of which one of your friends is unlikely to believe. These unique waves look exactly like photoshop! Well, really, what can create such even squares on the water? But scientists have an answer to this question!

The phenomenon was noticed in places where the waters of the two seas meet. Most often you can see it only in certain areas. Square waves are observed mainly in several places: near the island of Ile-de-Re and the town of La Rochelle in France, as well as near Tel Aviv in Israel. However, square waves can appear in other parts of the world where there are conditions for their formation. It is necessary that the waters of two seas with different streams and waves meet. As a result, strong opposite currents appear! They create clear intersections of huge masses of water at right or sharp angles. And such waves pose a serious danger to life. Moreover, it is impossible to go to sea not only by swimming, but also by boat.

The fact is that square waves are very powerful and unpredictable! They come from different directions, forming strong currents that are simply an insurmountable obstacle for a person. The waves will quickly spin and drag you under the water! At the same time, the sea can be completely calm, without a hint of a storm. But as soon as you notice that the waves have begun to form squares on the water, just do not swim far, but rather stay on the shore! Interestingly, sailors have long known that the sea is a very bad omen.

There was little knowledge to explain the unique phenomenon, but experience showed that fishing in square water does not bode well. So there was a sign that in this case it is better to stay on shore. If the vessel still went to sea, it was unclear to what wave to turn the boat, because anyone could carry danger, overboard and flood the swimming vehicle. The sea holds a lot of secrets, some of them a person manages to solve, but many remain a mystery to this day. In this case, we know exactly how square waves appear, but this phenomenon does not become less fascinating and incredible, although very dangerous!

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Amazing square waves at the sight of which it is better to leave the sea!
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