The family was building a house and decided to leave the tree inside. After 30 years, it took everything, just look!

In co-creation with nature, a person can create something incredible! Just look at what happened when one family took pity on a tree growing on a plot where a house was being built. The unusual structure is located in the town of Pismo Beach in the U.S. state of California. Many years ago, in the 1960s, Billy and Marie Hemsworth bought a plot where they wanted to build their dream home. The picturesque land is located on the very edge of the forest. The plot is surrounded by amazing nature, with which the family wanted to coexist harmoniously. But at the construction stage there was a serious problem: a small tree was growing right in the center of the territory! How do you order to start living in harmony with nature, destroying it? And the family decided to keep the tree, making it part of the decor.

They wanted to include it in their home! The structure was literally built around a tree, the trunk of which passed through the living room! The extraordinary decision seemed the only right one. The fact is that the tree has started to grow actively! And after 30 years it has become simply huge! The family included a tree in the interior, came up with different design solutions. It has become an integral part of this house! The huge tree, which originally occupied only the living room, spread to other rooms, and then the upper floors! Billy Hemsworth says: “None of us thought that the tree would grow to such a size. When the grown-up children came to the house, they kept discussing how small it was, ” The tree occupies a huge part of the house, adding to its strangeness and comfort.

Branches pass through the living room and dining room, meander around the stairs and walls, climb into the bedroom, which is located above. On the second floor, the floor through which the tree broke through is topped with a bench. The way the family beat the trunk and branches looks really impressive. The tree looks like a natural installation! And if you think that only Hemsworths like such an unusual design, you will be surprised! It is interesting that the cost of the building has increased significantly thanks to such an unusual addition! It turns out that the Hemsworth family did not lose when they decided to build a house literally around a tree! The unique building and the land around it were put up for auction, and many people wanted to buy it!

The last known value of the lot reached almost $ 4 million! One American family was willing to pay so much to live in a house with a tree inside! In addition to the dwelling itself, there is a studio apartment with a garage for two cars, another building with a bathroom, a yoga platform, a large museum. And all this on a plot surrounded by beautiful nature, and hidden in a coastal canyon. At the same time, the territory even has its own stream and a cave in which the Hemsworths stored wine. I wonder what it was like to grow up in such a place!

The children definitely had a place to play! And they grew up surrounded by beautiful and pristine nature, surely learning to respect and cherish it. No wonder so many families want to own an amazing house! Billy Hemsworth remarks: “This property, which has been owned by the same family for decades, is truly a unique and rare property that needs to be seen in order to be appreciated.” An American family decided not to destroy the tree, making it part of their home. And this solution not only allowed us to get a cozy and unique building, but also to make good money! The house has risen significantly in price, which once again confirms that the Hemsworths made the right decision!

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The family was building a house and decided to leave the tree inside. After 30 years, it took everything, just look!
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