They saw a giant killer whale, but what happened next amazed the tourists!

People coexist in this world with a huge number of animals. Our planet is so diverse and amazing, we only need to learn how to live in harmony, to help both representatives of our species and other living beings. This story took place in Indonesia – a picturesque country that is surrounded on all sides by the Indian Ocean. More than 18,000 islands are united under the flag of the state, many of which are uninhabited. Indonesia is famous not only for sandy beaches and clean water, but also for a variety of flora and fauna, and not all representatives of the animal and plant world are safe for humans. So, in the depths of the ocean live killer whales, which are considered the most dangerous mammals in the world.

The weight of an adult can reach up to 4 tons, length – up to 10 meters. They feed on fish, rarely, but still can attack humans. Julian Dungio has been diving in the waters of Indonesia for many years. He was fond of diving since adolescence, well aware of all the subtleties of the process. After graduating from school, the man decided to start making a living by diving, because he was very successful in this business. The man settled in the Gorontalo region, which is known for its Olele Marine Park and Saronde Island. These places have excellent conditions for deep-sea diving, so they invariably attract tourists from all over the world.

In addition, whales and other marine life can be seen here. Julian was doing great, he liked diving, but sometimes he invited tourists to go fishing. And one day something incredible happened on such a trip! Suddenly, the man found something huge moving under the water near the boat. Tourists also noticed something strange, which caused a real stir. Julian became interested in what was there, so he decided to dive, although tourists dissuaded him, some said that there was a shark there, but this did not stop the guy. When he plunged into the water, he immediately noticed a killer whale – a huge predatory animal! But there was clearly something wrong with the mammal.

Julian noticed that the killer whale was entangled in a fishing line. He immediately decided to help the unfortunate animal that got into trouble. Julian understood that otherwise the killer whale would simply die! The man decided to ask for help from another fisherman who was also on the boat. Julian began to swim closer to the animal, but suddenly the predator became nervous and began to scare people, raising waves with his dorsal fin. But this did not stop the man, he swam up to the killer whale to get down to business. It remains only to calm the predator. All this time, enthusiastic tourists looked at what was happening with their mouths open.

Julian didn’t find anything better than to start stroking the mammals on the fin. And the most amazing thing is that it worked! The killer whale stopped moving and allowed Julian and his friends to help her. That’s just the upcoming case could not be called easy, because in order to cut the line, the man had to swim under the mammal! Diving skills were useful to him in this. Julian spent quite a long time fiddling with the fishing line, of which there was a lot. But he still managed to free the unfortunate animal! Thanks to the courage and bravery of man, the killer whale was released! That’s just the injured animal did not move.

Therefore, the man had to take a stick and push the predator away from the boat. After that, the killer whale began to realize that she was finally free. She slowly drifted away from people, and they applauded her and her savior! It was just an incredible moment! Tourists obviously did not expect to see this on a simple fishing trip! Julian didn’t need any gestures of gratitude or encouragement, because he knew perfectly well that he had done something wonderful! A man saved the life of an amazing living being, not being afraid of what might happen to him.

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