A 3-year-old boy found a $4 million treasure by picking up a metal detector for the first time.

Who among us did not want to find a treasure as a child? Imagine, for someone such dreams become a reality! Don’t you believe it? Then listen to today’s story! Jason Hyatt from England has been interested in treasure hunting for the last 15 years of his life. The man had the necessary equipment and enviable enthusiasm. It was only a matter of time before the Englishman’s 3-year-old son James would also be engaged in gold prospecting. The father and the boy were in Essex County in the south-east of the UK. The man had a metal detector with him. Jason decided to test his luck by going on a treasure hunt in a place near a village with a rich history called Hockley. The father decided to take the boy with him. The Englishman knew that newcomers were lucky, so the presence of his son seemed very appropriate to him.

That’s just the treasure hunter did not even imagine how lucky his child would be! Jason gave the metal detector to the kid to walk with him through an empty field. Then the boy remembered that the device began to make strange sounds: “Bi-bi-bi”. This meant that there was something underground! Surprisingly, the metal detector started working almost immediately after James picked it up. The device clearly indicated that there was clearly metal in the place where the boy was standing. So, it was necessary to dig! Jason immediately got down to business. When the man went about 20 centimeters deeper, he was just shocked by what he discovered! He saw gold! To get to the treasure, I had to tinker a little in the mud. But the result was definitely worth it! A large pendant was found underground.

It was gold and very old! Little James remembers this event like this: “We dived into the mud. There was gold there. We didn’t have a map, because only pirates have one.” Jason and James were very happy with the treasure they found! After all, they managed to dig up a huge gold pendant! That’s just none of them knew what kind of find it was! Jason was just glad that his son was able to find the treasure so quickly. But the pendant turned out to be a real treasure! When the Englishman showed the pendant to the experts, they were shocked by what they saw! And how surprised Jason was when he found out the value of the find! It turned out that in his first treasure hunt, a 3-year-old boy was able to find a 500-year-old pendant with an ancient history.

It turns out that this is a decoration with the image of the Virgin Mary of the era of Henry VIII. According to experts, the pendant belonged to a member of the royal family! The boy found a real reliquary – that is, a container with a religious relic. On the diamond-shaped pendant there are the names of three magi – Jaspar, Melsior, Baltasar, which are engraved on the sides. On the reverse side there are symbols in the shape of eyes that represent the wounds of Christ. The pendant is 73% gold. And the cost of such a find is 4 million euros! Yes, that’s the amount the pendant was estimated by experts. However, Jason could not keep the jewelry for himself, since it is a relic. The pendant was transferred to the British Museum, where it is still on display today.

Interestingly, it was only after a couple of years of being on permanent display that it was discovered that the pendant was a reliquary. It happened completely by accident when the rear suspension panel suddenly moved aside. There were some fibers inside, the origin of which could not be determined. But the Hyatt who found the treasure were not left without a reward for their find. They received 100,000 euros from the Art Fund. The funds were divided between the owners of the land on which the treasure was located and those who found it.

As a result, the boy brought a huge amount of money to the family, picking up a metal detector for the first time. Jason is proud of his son, he says he has never found anything like this. The father jokes that his child is very special because he finds money everywhere, even under the sofa in the doctor’s waiting room. We can only wait for new reports about unusual finds made by the Hyatt family! Miracles do happen! After all, a 3-year-old child was able to ensure the financial well-being of his family by being in the right place at the right time with a metal detector.

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A 3-year-old boy found a $4 million treasure by picking up a metal detector for the first time.
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