The wedding is stopped by a voice in the church, when the bride turns around, tears flow from what is happening

Every bride is always very carefully preparing for the wedding, thinking through everything to the smallest detail so that the event will be unforgettable. But sometimes unexpected events interfere with our plans, which do not spoil the celebration at all, but make it even better. This unusual incident happened at Kinkasslage Church in Ireland on February 3, 2017. Everyone who attended the wedding ceremony of Trisha and Neil Swan on this day will forever remember this event. And it’s not just about the beautiful wedding dress of the beautiful bride, the luxurious decoration of the magnificent church and the significance of the event. The celebration was really wonderful, but quite standard. Everything is quite banal: a bride in white, elegantly dressed guests, a priest in festive clothes.

But there was something at the wedding that gave it a zest, made everyone present at the same time be touched and admire what had happened. So, the ceremony went as it should. The bride and groom exchanged vows of loyalty under the affectionate glances of the audience. After that, the wedding was to continue with the singing of Christian hymns. The priest started singing the song “How great you are”, praising God. He sang just fine, but it was far from the most memorable event of the event. Suddenly, in the back of the church, a man rose from a pew, which brought tears to the eyes of the bride. He… picked up the words of the anthem, making it so beautiful and beautiful! His voice sounded great! This could not but touch the bride!

Then another man got up, harmoniously joining the chorus of already singing guests. And so, one by one, a beautiful church song was picked up by several men and women! They sounded incredibly strong! It turned out to be a grand surprise number, a real performance of the choir at the wedding! The bride and groom didn’t know anything about what was going to happen at their wedding! When the first singer unexpectedly joined the priest, the bride turned around to see what was happening. She had tears in her eyes, it was so beautiful! But when the song was picked up by many voices, the song sounded even better! It began to be perceived magnificently, the effect was amplified by the echo that echoed through the church.

Such an impact is exerted on the audience, including by excellent acoustics, which creates a great sound. It is not surprising that the surprise made an indelible impression on the audience, but most importantly – on the bride and groom! All the guests who sang the wedding song gathered at the altar to congratulate the heroes of the occasion. It was very beautiful and festive. Of course, the bride couldn’t hold back her tears. Although she probably tried, because she hardly wanted to ruin her makeup. But it is simply impossible to refrain from tears of emotion, because the surprise was really wonderful! The performance perfectly fit into the wedding event, became its highlight, which will definitely be remembered by everyone gathered in a small church in Kinkasslag.

It is unlikely that the bride could imagine that something would go wrong at her wedding. But a kind of flash mob with singing was really great. The performance caused delight and a lot of goosebumps! Even just watching the choral singing from the screen is very pleasant, let alone those who were in the church. And it is quite obvious that the bride was completely delighted! Sometimes something unplanned happens in our life, but this does not mean that the event will be unpleasant. It’s great when loved ones prepare a surprise for us, which makes the world around us even more beautiful.

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The wedding is stopped by a voice in the church, when the bride turns around, tears flow from what is happening
He is the real singer. Simon is delighted with the performance of the father of six children