They wanted to put the frightened dog to sleep. Look at her reaction when she realizes that she was saved…

Sometimes we undeservedly put an end to some animals simply because they behave in an unusual way. But after all, there is often a very sad story behind the aggressive behavior of an animal. A frightened dog that has been mistreated becomes angry. No one will bare their teeth from the good life… The described events took place in the American city of Lancaster in Pennsylvania occurred about 10 years ago. This case could have ended tragically, but it became one of the amazing stories with an incredible happy ending. Edie is a little Maltese lapdog who has been through serious trials. We don’t know exactly what happened in the life of this charming white baby, but the condition in which she was taken to the shelter speaks for itself.

The dog was very overgrown, it is obvious that it was not properly cared for. But the worst thing is that she was terribly scared and behaved aggressively. The shelter thought that such a dog would never find a home. Therefore, it was decided to put Edie to sleep… More than a million dogs are euthanized in shelters every year, regardless of whether they are young or old. But fortunately, Eldad Hagar found out about the poor man. This is a lifeguard from the Hope For Paws Center from Los Angeles. The man specializes in difficult cases, situations when the dog is in a difficult, almost hopeless situation. Eldad got a call from a friend named Bronwyn, who asked the man for help. He immediately went to the vet clinic, where he was supposed to meet with Eddie.

The way the dog behaved was captured on video. At first, Edie was so scared that she just pressed herself against the wall. It was as if she wanted to become invisible! It’s hard to imagine what the dog had to go through to start behaving like this! She was madly afraid of a stranger, because she just didn’t understand what he needed! If an animal constantly had to face cruelty, what can he expect from people? But Eldad is used to dealing with such behavior. He gave Eddie time to get used to himself. But when the man tried to put a collar on the lapdog, she just went crazy! She began to be hysterical, whining loudly and barking, rushing from side to side in a panic. To calm the poor girl, Eldad put her on his lap. It’s amazing, but the baby immediately calmed down.

She snuggled up to the man so gently, even gave herself to be petted! It’s amazing how much the behavior of a bullied dog can change if you are patient with it, show care and attention. It was a transformation in one second. Edie just came alive! She stopped worrying, started wagging her tail and allowed herself to be petted by all the staff of the veterinary clinic! The dog calmed down and stopped worrying that she might be offended. Eddie got a haircut, not only did she become friendly, but she also turned into a beauty! It was an incredible transformation from a downtrodden angry snapper into a charming dog, sweetly wagging its tail at the sight of a person!

That’s what love and care do! Eddie was taken to her by the same girl who called the rescuer Eldad! Since then, the lapdog has been living happily with Bronwyn at her home in California. To think that the baby was rescued a few hours before she was supposed to be put down! And now it’s the happiest dog! It was just necessary to give her a second chance. A dog that is offended by people can become aggressive. But with due attention and patience, she will begin to trust the person again. We don’t know what the dogs had to go through to start behaving in a certain way. But it is quite obvious that animals traumatized by human cruelty deserve a second chance at a happy life!

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They wanted to put the frightened dog to sleep. Look at her reaction when she realizes that she was saved…
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