A woman stole 5 eggs and was caught. The next day, a policeman knocked on her door.

Each of us has hard times when there is no money, and it seems even prospects in life. During such periods, it is very important to get support from friends and relatives, but sometimes complete strangers come to the rescue. This story happened in an American town. Mrs. Johnson is an ordinary woman who has had a lot of trials. The American woman brings up her two daughters, as well as nieces and two very young grandchildren. At the same time, a woman and her numerous wards have to survive on a couple of hundred dollars a month! Moreover, there was an accident in the Johnson family. And so a very poor woman was robbed! The thieves took away all the money, leaving numerous kids without means of livelihood. The woman did not know how to save the situation.

The children she was responsible for simply had nothing to eat. It’s hard to imagine what Johnson had to go through, who just didn’t know where to get the money… She went to the nearest supermarket to buy eggs. This is the only thing that an American woman could afford at that time. There was a little more than a dollar in her purse! As a result, the woman could not buy the number of eggs she needed. Therefore, I decided on a desperate and illegal step. She stole 5 eggs by putting them right in her pocket. Mrs. Johnson admits that she is a very bad thief. The woman had never had to commit a crime before, but she did not come up with anything else to feed the children. 5 stolen eggs were immediately broken. Moreover, the store staff saw it.

Broken eggs began to flow out of the pockets of the American woman. Johnson did not deny the obvious, immediately admitting that she had committed theft. Then the store staff called the police. Officer William Stacy arrived at the scene, who, unlike the supermarket workers, showed compassion for the unfortunate woman. He listened to Mrs. Johnson’s story, and then did not arrest her. As a result, the store staff also decided not to press charges against the unfortunate woman, who had nothing to feed a horde of kids. The woman was simply allowed to go home. However, the story did not end there. After some time, the officer decided to visit Mrs. Johnson at her house. When the woman saw the police officer, she was horrified.

She thought he had come for her! However, in reality everything was different. Officer Stacy decided to check how true the story that the “thief” told was. He bought a box of eggs and decided to visit this family. When he entered the house, he saw on the spot in what poverty the Johnson family lives. It was obvious that the woman was in a terrible financial situation. She didn’t seem to have anyone to ask for help. The officer’s act touched her, she hugged William and did not seem to want to let go, this touching moment was filmed by the officer’s partner Robert Tripp. The man posted a photo with a detailed description of what happened on his social network, and this story had a great response. But that wasn’t all, after making sure that this family really needed help, Officer William began to act more actively.

The next day, Mrs. Johnson suffered another shock! But also very pleasant. The police came to her house, who gave the family a whole trunk of food! The woman just couldn’t hold back her tears, she was insanely happy, and also touched by the act of strangers who just decided to help her. The woman said: “The last time I saw so much food, when I was 12 years old, when I was visiting my grandmother, today I will cry all day.” William and his colleagues also organized a special fund aimed at raising funds for a poor family. Donations began to arrive immediately after the publication of the post with this touching story.

The head of the police department where Stacy works said that he received calls from all over the country. People wanted to express their gratitude for such employees, as well as to help Mrs. Johnson with money. Many offered food and clothing for the woman and her children. That’s how one good deed pulled a chain of others, involved people from all over the country in helping a woman. It is obvious that strangers were able to change one person’s life for the better, which means to make our world a little better.

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A woman stole 5 eggs and was caught. The next day, a policeman knocked on her door.
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