Mom locked herself on the balcony in the COLD, the only one who acted was a 10-year-old boy

Nowadays, few people are able to selflessly help a stranger in trouble. Needless to say, we are not always ready to lend a shoulder even to a close friend or relative. It is all the more joyful to learn stories when a stranger did everything possible to save someone who needed help so much. This tragic story took place in the Swedish town of Danderud. The population of the village is just over 30,000 people. It would seem that in a small town everyone should know each other, help if necessary. It is known that in megacities people are more distant, less capable of empathy, support. However, we live in a time when even in small towns, the population of which has always been more cohesive, people are not ready to help each other.

Psychologists believe that this is due to the advent of the digital era and the era of consumption. We live in comfort, in which human connections are reduced to nothing. People hardly communicate with each other, do not know their neighbors. We come home after work, watch TV or hang out on gadgets. People move away, become strangers. At the same time, there are situations when only another person can help someone in trouble. But an important condition is that he must not be indifferent to someone else’s grief. Our ancestors knew that it was impossible to survive alone, so they united in groups. Expulsion from the community was like death, because such a person could not hunt himself, feed himself, protect himself from the enemy. Living in comfort, we began to forget that we needed each other…

This story, reminding of the importance of communication between people, happened to the mother of 3 children. Women with many children know perfectly well how hard it is to keep track of so many babies. Mom went to the balcony to hang up her laundry when she suddenly heard the door close. It turned out that the 3-year-old son locked the woman on the balcony! She couldn’t unlock the door from the inside, and the child couldn’t figure out what to do! It turns out that mom was blocked on the balcony of her own house! At the same time, three small children remained in the apartment! But the worst thing was that it was freezing outside! The woman was wearing light clothes, completely not designed for a long stay in the cold!

The mother was just terrified, her little children were in the same condition! The Dane tried to explain to the kids how to open the door, but to no avail. The children were too young to understand how to act. Then the woman realized that her only chance of salvation was to ask strangers for help. She started screaming frantically! The woman was locked on the 6th floor, it was really cold outside, so help was just needed! That’s just no one reacted to the desperate cries of the unfortunate! Although the woman’s heart-rending screams could be heard all over the neighborhood! Mom says that passers-by raised their heads, but passed by. No one cared about the unfortunate Danish woman who got into trouble. No one asked how she ended up on the balcony, how to help the poor guy.

At the same time, passers-by perfectly understood that something tragic had happened. Perhaps none of them thought that such indifferent behavior could lead to the death of a person! That’s just the ending of the story could really be tragic if it wasn’t for a 10-year-old boy… Benjamin heard the screams of a woman and could not remain indifferent. The boy decided to act. Except the kid didn’t have a phone. Then he started stopping passers-by, asking them for help. However, for a long time no one paid attention to the boy. Fortunately, one man did call the police, but only after Benjamin almost tearfully asked him about it. The boy did not understand how people could be so indifferent! His kind heart simply did not accept that it was safe to leave another person in trouble!

And then live as if nothing had happened. Probably, our world rests precisely on such people who are always ready to help, not to be indifferent to someone else’s trouble. Fortunately, the police, who arrived in time, released the woman, everything is fine with her, she did not stay on the balcony for too long to catch a cold or get sick with something more serious. We live in a world where indifference has long been the norm. A person can safely pass by a cry for help, not lift a finger to save a stranger. Therefore, the stories of the manifestation of indifference in our time are considered real heroism. Although it would seem that what could be more correct than to help a person in trouble?

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Mom locked herself on the balcony in the COLD, the only one who acted was a 10-year-old boy
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