The diver felt a blow in the back, turning around he saw a dolphin who was asking for help…

Together with us in this amazing world live other living beings who are full-fledged inhabitants of the planet. Sometimes there is such an amazing interaction between a person and an animal that it just needs to be told about it. This story happened to the world-famous Italian freediver Enzo Majorca, who was diving in the sea near the city of Syracuse on the Ionian coast of Sicily. Together with the man was his daughter Rossana. It is worth saying a few words about the outstanding diver. Enzo was born by the sea, dedicated his life to it. He became the first person to dive to a depth of more than 50 meters only while holding his breath. It became a real sensation! After all, scientists have stated that the lungs simply cannot withstand the pressure that is exerted on them at such a depth!

Enzo has set 15 world records! At the same time, the man also dealt with environmental issues. Enzo was not only an outstanding diver, but also madly loved the sea. He adored everything connected with this element, including the inhabitants of salt waters. One day an incident happened to him, which further strengthened Enzo’s connection with the sea and its inhabitants. During the next dive, the Italian felt some strange effect. It seemed to him that in the sea someone pushed him lightly in the back. The man immediately turned around, trying to figure out what was going on. Enzo saw a dolphin near him, who was behaving strangely. The Italian very often plunged into the depths of the sea, constantly watched the inhabitants of the salty waters, so he could say for sure that there was something wrong with the animal.

The dolphin clearly did not want to play with Enzo, but intended to tell him something important. The animal dived, as if inviting the man to follow him. Enzo followed the dolphin. What the man soon saw simply amazed him! It turns out that the dolphin asked the man for help! He beckoned Enzo to show him another animal in trouble! Somehow the dolphin knew that man was capable of helping! Probably, there is nothing inexplicable in this, because these marine mammals are surprisingly intelligent! In terms of intelligence, dolphins occupy the second place among all living beings on the planet, they are in this list right after humans. Scientists have even found out that they have their own language consisting of more than 1,000 words. At the same time, dolphins often interact with people.

There are cases when these intelligent mammals saved a person in trouble. They can also ask for help if they need it. This is exactly the situation that happened with Enzo. When the diver descended to a depth of about 4 meters, he saw a dolphin entangled in the net! It turns out that a fellow animal in trouble called a man for help. Without human involvement, the dolphin would most likely have simply died! Enzo immediately asked for help from his daughter, who was on the boat at that moment. Rossana gave her father a knife, with which the man freed the dolphin from a deadly trap.

Enzo said that before the rescue, the animal uttered an almost human cry of despair. Dolphins can stay under water for no more than 10 minutes, so without Enzo’s help, the confused poor guy would not have survived. It is obvious that the animal was on the verge of life and death. But the diver arrived just in time to release the dolphin into the wild! It turned out that Enzo freed the female, who soon gave birth to a baby! A male asked for help, who thanked the Italian for saving his beloved!

After the release of the female in trouble, the dolphin made a circle around Enzo, after which he touched his cheek touchingly! It was very much like a kiss of gratitude! After that, a couple of dolphins together with a newborn baby went on. Enzo was amazed by this story. He began to love the sea and its inhabitants even more. The diver noted that a person will never be able to find out his true role on this planet until he learns to respect nature.

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The diver felt a blow in the back, turning around he saw a dolphin who was asking for help…
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