A widow finds an old photograph of her husband, and then discovers that she has been deceived all her life…

Can we say with confidence that we know well those who live next to us? Are you sure that your husband or brother does not hide anything from you, does not lead a double life? The heroine of this story did not even know who her husband was. 85-year-old Englishwoman Audrey Phillips lived with her husband Glen 64 happy years! It was love at first sight, which turned into a serious relationship for life. Audrey always considered her husband a wonderful family man, a good father. Yes, Glen was a little reserved, but men talk much less than women, so this behavior did not arouse the suspicions of his wife. The man worked as a civil engineer, often disappeared in the service. My husband played for the local football team, liked to watch TV, in short, he was no different from other ordinary people.

At least that’s what his wife thought. However, after Glen’s death, Audrey became aware of shocking information about her husband’s life, which simply turned her idea of her beloved… The couple had two children, five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. The wife really thought she knew everything about her beloved. But when her husband died in 2015, her husband’s secrets became known to her. Audrey found documents and photographs that testified to her husband’s double life throughout the 40s, 50s and 60s! It’s amazing, but for almost 30 years Audrey didn’t know anything about who lives next to her! But they were perfectly happy, they raised children together!

According to the documents found, Glen was not what he seemed for many years. It turned out that a respectable family man and an unremarkable philistine was… a real spy! Glen served in British intelligence, and none of the family knew anything about it! The man was recruited when he was only 13 years old! Glen was taken away from a regular school, after which they began to prepare for a special MI5 operation. This project involved the use of the British to transmit misinformation to dispatchers in Germany. It turns out that Glen was a real scout! The young guy was noticed because he stood out for his phenomenal memory, small stature, and ability to ride horses. All this was very useful to the scout. Glen became one of 20 young men who became participants of the MI5 project.

To prepare for intelligence activities, the guy learned to crawl through concrete pipes in prison to talk to German prisoners of war. It was a dangerous occupation, but Glen coped with the tasks perfectly. Interestingly, the secret missions did not end even after the war ended. Three more times an unknown British intelligence captain appeared in Glen’s life to entrust him with difficult and dangerous tasks. And each time the man did everything he was told. So, one day Glen caught two spies, for which he received a good reward. At that time, the man worked as a bulldozer operator, the amount he earned in his secret service was equal to a two-week salary. At the same time, the wife knew nothing about her husband’s dangerous secret life.

Glen behaved quite normally, there were no oddities observed behind him. Perhaps Audrey even considered him a boring husband who would do well to do something brave. Any woman wants to see her husband as a hero. And Glen really turned out to be such, only the wife found out about it only after her husband’s death! The man died of Parkinson’s disease in old age, without revealing his secret. Interestingly, Glen’s adventures in his spy service were published in a book that was published posthumously. That’s how an ordinary husband turned out to be a real hero who performed secret and dangerous tasks. This news turned the life of Audrey, who was sure that she knew her husband.

After such stories, you begin to look more closely at your friends, acquaintances and relatives, trying to understand whether they can keep such secrets. Although the life of an ordinary person is much more prosaic. More often than not, we open not such secrets at all, after which you begin to respect others more. We can often find out not about the espionage past of a relative or friend, but that he has another family or large debts. In a word, it is not at all the information that does honor to a person…

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A widow finds an old photograph of her husband, and then discovers that she has been deceived all her life…
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