A woman suffers from a rare skin disease, but after many years of struggle, she becomes a model!

Unusual appearance is not a punishment at all, but what distinguishes us from the rest. And it depends only on us how to treat our peculiarities: as to the curse or blessing of heaven! This inspiring story is about an unusual woman named Yomiko Johnson. The dark-skinned girl grew up in the small American town of Villa Platte in Louisiana. She had a very difficult life. Yomiko was ridiculed by classmates who called her a “dirty black cockroach.” When the girl turned 17, she gave birth to her first child. The father of the heroine of the story was furious when he found out about his daughter’s pregnancy. But Yomiko didn’t even want to hear about an abortion! 6 months after giving birth, the American woman got married, but not at all for the father of her child. He just disappeared from her life one day.

In marriage, Yomiko gave birth to 3 more children! However, her family life can hardly be called happy. The girl had to work hard to provide for her children. Her husband practically did not help her in anything, and once he just hit his wife for asking her to babysit. Over time, their marriage was increasingly bursting at the seams. Yomiko found out that her husband was cheating on her. The girl found out that her husband has another family in which the woman gave birth to his son. When she told her husband that she knew everything, he started strangling the girl! The sadist was taken to prison, but Yomiko herself pulled him out of there. Soon, Yomiko’s already difficult life became simply unbearable. Hurricane Rita destroyed the house where the family lived.

Yomiko has lost everything! But that’s not all… The girl began to notice strange white spots on her skin. They began to spread throughout the body, even appearing on the face. It was very difficult to hide the spots, they were very different from her dark skin color. Worried, Yomiko went to a dermatologist, who gave her a disappointing diagnosis. The girl found out that she has vitiligo. This is not a life-threatening disease, but the stains cannot be removed. And at the same time, there were more and more of them! Yomiko was horrified by the changes that were happening to her appearance. The American woman constantly wondered why it happened to her. Yomiko admits that she even had thoughts that someone cursed her!

The American turned to a makeup artist who showed her how to hide spots. This trip gave the girl self-confidence. Yomiko even decided that it was time to break off the toxic relationship with her husband. She filed for divorce, but it was a big test for the girl. The husband was furious! But in the end, Yomiko still managed to part with her tyrant husband. But Yomiko’s psychological state left much to be desired. The girl’s self-esteem was at zero, before the divorce, her husband told her that no one needed her with such an appearance. And years of bullying by her spouse have left their negative imprint on Yomiko’s perception of herself. The woman was only 25, but she had an illness that changed the girl’s appearance, and also a deep psychological trauma and 4 children.

Out of desperation, the American even thought about killing herself! That’s just the thought of children stopped her! Yomiko just couldn’t leave them without their mom. Instead of suicide, the American woman pulled herself together, found a new job, bought a car, moved closer to her family. Soon the girl met a young man who completely changed her life! Yomiko fell in love with her new chosen one, she was really happy with him for the first time! That’s just the girl was afraid to show him her real face in white spots. Yomiko was worried that her lover would leave her. But one day he still saw his girlfriend’s face without makeup. His reaction surprised Yomiko! My beloved advised the girl to stop being shy about her appearance, start going outside without makeup. He told Yomiko: “You’re so beautiful. I don’t know why you’re hiding it. You are unique! I like it.”

The girl was inspired by these words! At first, it was difficult for her to accept herself with vitiligo, to go outside without makeup hiding spots on her face. But over time, she stopped being shy about her illness. The beloved convinced Yomiko that she was beautiful in her uniqueness. The most amazing thing is that the girl believed in herself so much that this confidence allowed her to work in the fashion industry. She has become a sought-after model. Yomiko has gone through many trials to become who she is now. An American woman with vitiligo supports people with the same disease, showing them by her own example that one should not be ashamed of their peculiarities.

She works as a model, has created her own cosmetics line, and runs a popular blog. Yomiko says she used to think vitiligo was a curse, but now she thinks it’s the best thing that could have happened to her. A successful model with an unusual appearance writes on her social network: “I want women to know that they don’t need to be someone else. You don’t have to look like everyone else. Why adapt if you can stand out? Love yourself, respect yourself by any means!”. The story of Yomiko is an amazing example of how, having overcome numerous obstacles, the girl was able to accept herself and become a real role model for other women.

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A woman suffers from a rare skin disease, but after many years of struggle, she becomes a model!
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