He installed a camera in the bedroom to understand why the dog stays up all night and looks at him until morning

Dogs are amazing creatures, around the behavior of which many myths are created. This story is one of such frequently recurring plots that describe the unusual behavior of our pets. This case, which is very similar to a real fairy tale, happened in Croatia. A man named Goran took a big beautiful dog named Michael from the shelter. He was a gorgeous white dog who had a difficult fate. The owners refused a large dog, which gave them a lot of trouble. Michael was shedding, constantly gnawing something, eating a lot. In short, his previous owners simply did not calculate their strength, could not overcome the difficulties and pull the costs associated with the maintenance of the dog. If the owners refused the dog, it greatly traumatizes him, affects his behavior in the future.

The animal becomes anxious, afraid to stay at home without people. In addition, it is difficult for such dogs to find new owners, because they are branded as refuseniks. But Michael was very lucky! Goran came to the shelter for a new pet when he saw a big sad dog, he just couldn’t take his eyes off him! The man immediately realized that he had found his dog! It didn’t stop him that Michael was rejected by the previous owners. The man understood that taking an animal home is a big responsibility, which you need to be ready for. He recently lost Grace, his beloved corgi dog. After the pain of loss subsided a little, the man decided that barking should be heard in his house again. That’s how he ended up in the shelter.

Goran wanted to find a dog that needed help. And the man understood that the animals from the shelter require a little more love, because they had to go through a lot in their lives. Goran took Michael home to give him his attention and care. The dog was insanely glad to be back in the warmth and comfort. At first, the dog was a little wary, but it quickly passed. Delicious food, games, walks have done their job. Only Goran began to notice that Michael was behaving strangely. The dog was a little sluggish, after a couple of days it began to eat poorly. The owner was very worried, because such behavior cannot be called normal for a dog. Goran didn’t understand what was going on with Michael.

The answer was received completely by chance when the man was viewing recordings from his home video camera. Goran discovered that the dog, who has been living with him for 3 days, has never slept yet! The man was just in shock! According to the recordings of the video camera, he discovered that every night Michael comes to Goran’s bed, after which he just constantly looks at him. It lasted three nights in a row! The man was at a loss, he just didn’t understand what was going on. The dog behaved strangely, while she began to lose weight, was weak and sluggish. This became a real problem, the dog simply did not sleep, which means he could not live normally.

Goran took the dog to the vet, who did not find any health problems with the animal. It was clearly in the psyche. Then the man decided to return to the shelter where he took Michael. There he found out what was going on with his dog. It turned out that Michael was given to a shelter while the dog was sleeping. The animal trusted its owners so much that it did not suspect anything wrong. When the dog woke up, he realized that his people were not around. It was such a shock to him that Michael could not move away from him. It seems that the dog decided that now he just shouldn’t sleep, so as not to end up in the shelter again.

Goran decided to help his new friend get rid of the terrible trauma that his former owners inflicted on him. The man put the dog’s cot next to his bed so that Michael would always be with him, even at night. And it really helped! The dog began to sleep at night, although sometimes he woke up to make sure that the owner was in place. Dogs are very loyal to people, it’s a pity that we don’t always appreciate it. But it is wonderful that there are not only those who break the hearts of our smaller brothers, but also those who help to glue them together again.

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He installed a camera in the bedroom to understand why the dog stays up all night and looks at him until morning
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