Remember that wedding of two pairs of twins that blew up the Internet? They got pregnant at the same time!

Sometimes life shatters all theories, including relativity and probability! The story we are going to tell today makes the world a truly interesting and unpredictable place. In 2018, the Internet was stirred up by photos from the wedding of two pairs of twins. Similar to each other like two drops of water, the sisters Briana and Brittany married handsome men with the same appearance, brothers Josh and Jeremy. The celebration took place at the Gemini festival, the wedding was the real culmination of the event! The grooms and brides were not only similar in appearance, but also dressed the same. Two amazing pairs of twin priests were legally married! An extraordinary event took place in the US state of Virginia, photos from the wedding flew literally all over the world.

Users were happy to look at pictures with surprisingly similar newly-made husbands and wives, twin priests. But this story has a sequel. Briana and Brittany, along with Josh and Jeremy, decided to live together in the same house, run a joint household. The amazing four are driving their neighbors crazy, who find it very difficult to distinguish almost identical pairs. The sisters, who are very close to each other, wanted to have children right after the wedding. Moreover, they dreamed of conceiving and giving birth at the same time. Since childhood, Briana and Brittany decided to marry twins together, although they understood how small their chances of success were. That’s just they really managed to do it!

The same thing happened with their dreams of pregnancy! The women simultaneously announced that they were expecting babies! It happened 2 years after the twins’ wedding, which became a real world sensation! The sisters wrote a joint post on the social network: “We are very happy and grateful that we are pregnant at the same time and can share this experience. Our children will be not just cousins, but genetic brothers. We can’t wait to introduce them.” The twins’ pregnancy proceeded completely normally. The first time came to give birth to Brittany, who had a boy named Jett. Soon Briana’s son, who was named Jax, saw the world.

The children were born perfectly healthy and charming. But the most amazing thing is that they are simply indistinguishable from each other! Toddlers with big cheeks and blue eyes look like twin brothers! Only happy parents can distinguish them from each other! In fact, there is nothing strange about this. Genetically, Jett and Jaxom are blood brothers, quaternary twins. The amazing four raise their boys together, without making a special distinction between them. So Jett and Jaxom have as many as 2 moms and 2 dads who just dote on them. Parents have created a special page on the social network for unusual children, where they often post their joint photos. Users are simply delighted with the amazing babies and their moms and dads.

They seem to mirror each other, so striking is the similarity! Interestingly, in the entire history of observations, only 300 quaternary unions were recorded when twin sisters married twin brothers. But never before have couples had sons so similar to each other almost at the same time. The families of sisters Brittany and Briana with brothers Josh and Jeremy can be safely called truly unique and little-repeated! It is difficult to say what is the probability of a married union of a pair of twins. Probably not very big. But also to give birth to very similar children at the same time is an absolutely amazing coincidence! After this story, you really start to believe that anything can happen in life.

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Remember that wedding of two pairs of twins that blew up the Internet? They got pregnant at the same time!
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