How does a woman who gave birth to 44 children by the age of 40 live? And she brings them up alone.

It can be difficult for parents with their children, especially the weather, it is worth mentioning separately about mothers who simply do not have time to recover from previous births. But it’s impossible to imagine how hard life is for a woman who has as many as 44 children! The heroine of this incredible story is Mariam Nabatanzi Babirye from Uganda. We do not know for sure how old this woman is, in her interviews she names different dates. We can definitely say that Mariam is about 40 years old. And by this age, the African woman has become a real heroine mother! It’s hard to believe, but a woman has 38 children! In total, the African woman gave birth 44 times, but 6 children died. The youngest survivor is two years old, the eldest is 24.

Nabatanzi Babirye can safely be called the most prolific woman in Africa and the whole world. But how did it happen, who is the father of the children, how does this unusual mother live? Mariam had a very sad life, troubles in her fate began from childhood. When the girl was a baby, her mother died suddenly. The father quickly found another woman who immediately disliked her new husband’s children. The stepmother decided to poison the kids! She made them porridge with broken glass. As a result, 4 brothers and sisters of Mariam died, and she managed to escape from home before the ill-fated dinner. But the stepmother was not going to stop, she needed to get rid of her stepdaughter.

And so she decided to give her in marriage. The girl was only 12 years old at that time! The stepmother found a 40-year-old groom for a very young child. The girl simply did not understand what was happening when she was married. But after the celebration, she had to live with an adult man. The girl took on the chores, she also had to look after her husband’s children from previous wives. Mariam was subjected to violence, she was often beaten. The African woman gave birth to her first twins when she was 13 years old! And two years later, triplets were born! So at the age of 15, Mariam already had 5 children! With an interval of 1-2 years, a woman sometimes gave birth to twins, sometimes triplets, and once even quadruplets.

Such fertility is explained by a genetic predisposition. Mariam was constantly giving birth, it greatly undermined her health. The woman wanted to stop when she had 18 children. The African woman went to the doctor to help her in this matter. But the local doctor turned out to be very unprofessional. He told the frightened Mariam that she could not stop giving birth! He scared the poor thing by telling her that she could just die if she stopped reproducing offspring! So the African woman continued to give birth… And what about the husband of the heroine’s mother? According to Mariam herself, she did not see anything good from him. The husband only bullied the woman, constantly beat her, came home drunk. Moreover, this so-called man did not provide for his huge family! And one day the husband just disappeared.

As a result, the woman had to raise a whole horde of children herself. At the same time, the woman did not even have her own garden or vegetable garden so that she could grow food for children. To get money to feed children who need a lot of food every day, a woman works as a hairdresser, decorator at weddings, sews clothes, cooks for sale. In short, he tries to provide for his family as best he can. At the same time, she decided to save the small money she already has for the installation of a water pipe. A woman wants to start making money by selling life-giving moisture, which is highly valued in arid Uganda. It is simply impossible to imagine how hard Mariam’s life is. At the same time, she tries not to lose heart.

The woman says: “I have not felt sorry for myself for a long time, because I know that children are a real gift from God. I have to appreciate them, so I do everything to make them feel good.” Mariam does not lose heart, she is ready to work as long as it takes. The only thing a woman worries about is the illnesses of her children. Mariam is especially worried about her five-year-old son, who has serious heart problems. Doctors suggest sending the baby to India for surgery, but it takes a lot of money. Mariam does not yet know where she will get the right amount, but she is determined to cope with this task.

Surprisingly, the woman not only feeds 38 children, but also tries to do everything possible so that they receive a decent education. She hopes that her children will become teachers, lawyers, doctors, and will be able to provide themselves with a decent life. This is an example of the real sacrifice of an ordinary woman, rudeness and irresponsibility on the part of a man. Mariam has to sleep 4-5 hours a day to provide her children with everything they need, she has not seen anything good in her life, but she does not even think to lose heart.

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How does a woman who gave birth to 44 children by the age of 40 live? And she brings them up alone.
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