They did not expect the reaction of flight attendants and passengers when they found out that they were flying with an 8-day-old child

The birth of a baby is always a great stress, for which it is impossible to fully prepare. But even more tension appears when parents are forced to go on a trip with a small child. This story happened to a couple of Americans who tried unsuccessfully to have a baby for several years. For many years, Dustin and Karen Moore were treated for infertility, grieving after another miscarriage. It took this married couple 9 years to come to the decision to take someone else’s child. All because they never managed to have their own baby. Americans went to Colorado to take home a newborn girl who was supposed to become a full-fledged member of their family. Karen and Dustin spent several days in the hospital with their daughter, after which they had to return to California.

The head of the family will then describe what happened on board in his tweet. The couple had to board a Southwest Airlines plane with their baby girl. The girl at that time was only a few days old. Of course, Mom was very worried about the baby. She carefully held the precious bundle in her hands, while the happy father carried a huge number of bags, deftly maneuvering between the chairs. The parents were worried about the baby, but also did not want her to cause trouble to other passengers. We know perfectly well how newborns can behave. At the same time, not all adults are ready to listen to children’s cries for several hours of flight without a murmur. The flight went fine, but after a couple of hours on the way, the baby, as expected, woke up and started crying. It turned out that the girl needed to change her diaper!

But how to do it on a plane? Karen turned to the flight attendant for help. A girl named Jenny quickly responded to her mom’s request, took her to a special room. There Karen was able to change the baby’s clothes, change the diaper. The stewardess did not scold passengers with a child for the noise, she only politely asked why they had to take a newborn baby with them on the plane. The father told the airline employee that he and his wife had adopted a girl. A few minutes after the conversation, Bobby’s flight attendant approached the couple, who clarified whether Dustin had told the truth. This alerted the man, but what happened next really surprised him! Bobby said into the loudspeaker so that all the passengers could hear: “There is a very important guest on our flight today.

This is a girl who is only 8 days old, she is going home with a new dad and mom.” After this message, all the passengers happily clapped, welcoming the couple and their baby. The parents were moved to tears! But the story didn’t end there. Bobby distributed napkins and pens to all passengers so that they could write words of support to young parents. Karen and her husband were insanely grateful for such a gesture! They were given a lot of napkins with pleasant words and advice. Here are just a few wishes that the newly-made parents received: “Don’t forget to tell your wife that you love her,” “Go on dates with each other!”, “Enjoy every minute, the children are growing up fast.”

The couple was very touched by this attitude of the passengers. Instead of getting angry at the child’s screams, they held the parents with pleasant words. Later, Dustin will tweet: “It’s been a difficult week. But instead of being unhappy, I would like to share with you the kindness that strangers showed us that day when we were driving home with our daughter. I hope our story will cheer you up and remind you that there is a place for good in this world.”

It can be difficult for some to imagine how hard it is for parents with young children. Sometimes the usual gestures of politeness, patience and kindness of others can help moms and dads cope with the difficulties that accompany the upbringing of babies. The behavior of the stewardess and all the passengers in this story definitely deserves praise! We all need to be kind and attentive to those who need it so much.

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They did not expect the reaction of flight attendants and passengers when they found out that they were flying with an 8-day-old child
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