Why in the USSR tonsils were removed because of angina and why they don’t do it today.

Many people believe that one of the most important advantages of the Soviet Union was medicine, surely many of you have heard from your parents that it was better before… But let’s see if that was really the case. Surely many of you have had sore throats and heard about the removal of tonsils as the surest way to protect yourself from such an unpleasant disease, such operations in the 70s and 80s of the last century were carried out by tens of thousands. If a person went to the polyclinic with angina several times a year, then he was necessarily sent for the removal of glands. Such operations were also mandatory for young children who often suffered from angina, who were drafted into the army.

Tonsillectomy – this is the term in medicine called the removal of tonsils – the operation is simple and fast. But it is very unpleasant, especially since it was carried out without anesthesia. At that time, doctors believed that tonsils were an atavism, and that they were completely unnecessary. Their removal was considered as an excellent prevention of colds. The fact is that when a person gets sick with the flu or sore throat, the throat necessarily swells, the tonsils immediately swell and make the lumen in the throat much narrower, which makes swallowing difficult.

That is why the belief has been formed that the glands significantly complicate the course of the disease and that without them a person will be easier to tolerate a cold. But is it really so? Scientists have long argued that there is nothing superfluous in the human body – nature has provided for everything. Around the beginning of this century, they proved that the removal of glands does not bring any benefit to the human body. Moreover, it causes significant harm. Tonsils (tonsils) are a small paired organ in the oral cavity and nasopharynx that performs a protective function in the body and participates in the formation of immunity. The glands serve as protection for the bronchi and lungs, because more than 70% of all microorganisms that enter the respiratory tract with air settle on them.

That is why when the glands are affected, the overall immunity of a person decreases. An additional proof that the removal of tonsils is harmful to health was the following fact: operated people suffer from colds more often than people who have preserved tonsils. Is it possible to say that the removal of the glands was a complete absurdity and is no longer practiced? Not really. Such surgical interventions are still performed today, but only in the most extreme cases. According to modern clinical recommendations, the indication for the removal of tonsils may be chronic tonsillitis with constant pronounced suppuration, severe sore throat and fever. And in most cases, doctors still try to use only medication.

At home, with a sore throat, it can be rinsed with antiseptic solutions, a doctor can wash the tonsils with the same antiseptic solutions. It is also possible to dissolve lollipops containing anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiseptic components. And of course, you do not need to go to extremes and contact a trusted doctor in time. On my own behalf, I would like to add that very often stress is the trigger for the development of chronic colds, so try to avoid it. Of course, it is best to be healthy and not resort to the services of doctors. To do this, you need to take constant care of yourself and do not forget about preventive measures.

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Why in the USSR tonsils were removed because of angina and why they don’t do it today.
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