A teenager who can’t walk gets back on his feet thanks to his father’s invention.

Often modern developments and unique inventions become a response to some life circumstances and challenges. This story is about how a father, with the help of his knowledge and talents, helped his son, who needed it so much. Frenchman Jean-Louis Constanza works as a robotics engineer in Paris. A man with three friends founded the Wandercraft company in 2012 . Jean-Louis’ responsibilities include modeling and selection of materials, programming of robotic equipment. But the man is also an inventor capable of creating truly unique items. This talent of Jean-Louis was very useful to him in life, not only in the professional sphere. Constanza used his inventive abilities to help his own son. 16-year-old Oscar suffers from a severe genetic disease. The guy can’t walk since birth.

The thing is that the nerve endings due to the disease are not able to send the right amount of impulses to the legs. As a result, the guy always needed outside help to move around. In adolescence, everyone aspires to freedom, so it’s not surprising that Oscar also wanted more independence. Of course, the son knew perfectly well what Jean-Louis was doing. One day Oscar asked his father why he could not create a device that would make his fate easier. “You’re a robotics engineer, help me walk!” – said the guy. In this amazing story, everything coincided: a son who can’t walk, and a father who is engaged in robotics. Thanks to this combination of circumstances, a unique discovery was born! Jean-Louis designed a device that helped not only his son, but also people around the world!

Perhaps if Oscar had not had a genetic disease, the invention would never have been created. Constanza came up with an unusual device that helps those who, for one reason or another, cannot do it on their own to move. A man has created a unique exoskeleton that supports a person with disabilities while walking. The device simulates body movements, helping people with musculoskeletal problems to become more independent. When the man demonstrated the invention to his son, he was absolutely delighted! He really felt more confident and free, because now the guy could walk by himself, without any outside help. The exoskeleton fixes the back and legs, creating a reliable support when moving. The implementation of the device required the introduction of several unique engineering solutions.

Now Wandercraft employees are trying to create a more advanced version of the exoskeleton, they are working on reducing the cost of their invention. A device that helps people with disabilities costs $ 150,000 for 1 unit. Obviously, not everyone who needs an exoskeleton can afford it. This is the problem that the company’s employees are going to solve. They want their invention to become even easier, more convenient and affordable. At the moment, the inventors have sold the exoskeleton to several hospitals in France. Two of the founders of Wandercraft know firsthand about the problems of people with disabilities. That is why it was so important for them to create a device that helps people walk independently.

There are companies on the international market that are engaged in the development of such inventions, but it is Wandercraft that is working to make them accessible to everyone. Jean-Louis and his colleagues provided an opportunity to test their discovery to several people with disabilities. One of them was Kevin Piettu. The guy got into a bicycle accident, as a result he broke his spine and stopped walking. The exoskeleton allows him to solve everyday tasks, move around the apartment independently, and feel like an independent person again. Jean-Louis says he understands the needs of people with disabilities perfectly. He watches his son every day, who strives for autonomy.

The invention allowed Oscar to become an ordinary person, able to move independently and solve everyday tasks. The man understands that the exoskeleton needs improvement if he wants to make the device simpler, cheaper and more accessible. But Jean-Louis is ready to work hard to achieve his goal. He is sure that it is worth it, because his work will be useful to people like Oscar and that it is much more important to help people in need to become more autonomous than to invent autonomous cars. So the love for his son and the talent of invention helped to create a device that allows those who cannot do it on their own to walk. After all, why else do we need modern technology, if not to help people?

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A teenager who can’t walk gets back on his feet thanks to his father’s invention.
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