Heroic mom intervenes when son throws rocks at police

Mother’s love isn’t always about affection, sometimes it’s about teaching your children right from wrong. In 2015, tensions ran high in Baltimore as masked protesters hurled rocks at the police. Amid the chaos, a woman quickly recognized her own son in the midst of the rioting.

With determination in her eyes, she approached him and tried to remove his mask. She then scolded him sternly for his shameful behavior, knowing that he had been raised to know better than to attack police officers.

Witnesses were impressed by her discipline and bravery, with one even stating that Baltimore needed more parents like her rather than the National Guard. It just goes to show that being a good mom doesn’t always mean being soft and gentle; sometimes tough love is what is needed to guide your children towards making the right choices.

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Heroic mom intervenes when son throws rocks at police
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