Merry Christmas or Bust: Retailers Take a Bold Stand Against ‘Happy Holidays

This year, several major retail stores are taking a stand and embracing the holiday season with open arms. Many stores have even decided to close up shop for Thanksgiving, allowing employees to spend time with their loved ones. And after Thanksgiving, stores are diving headfirst into the holiday season, decking their halls with Christmas decorations and blasting joyful tunes.

For years, the phrase “Merry Christmas” was often avoided in professional settings, particularly in storefronts, due to political correctness and concerns about offending customers. Companies were cautious about using certain phrases or language to avoid backlash from the public and the press, all in the name of keeping sales rates up.

But this year, a change is in the air. Major retailers like Hobby Lobby, Nordstrom, and Home Depot are boldly stepping out on faith with their holiday promotions and greeting customers with “Merry Christmas”. Some stores even play Christian music and adhere to biblical principles by closing on Sundays, like Belk.

In fact, 10 major retailers have proudly taken a stand and are greeting their customers with “Merry Christmas”, including Walmart, which received a five-star rating from the American Family Association, and Bass Pro Shops, which not only celebrates Christmas but also promotes gun safety. Even Macy’s and JCPenney, both known for their holiday sales and events, are spreading the holiday cheer with their use of the phrase “Merry Christmas”. And let’s not forget ToysRUs, which has always been known for their enthusiastic holiday greetings.

The positive response to these changes has been overwhelming. People are resonating with the joyous spirit and holiday cheer, which is so uplifting during the winter season. The simple act of being greeted with a “Merry Christmas” can truly make someone’s day and spread positivity throughout the community.

It’s heartwarming to see these major retailers set a positive example by embracing the holiday season and spreading the joy of Christmas to their customers.

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Merry Christmas or Bust: Retailers Take a Bold Stand Against ‘Happy Holidays
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